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  A ROC drills lesson conducted prior to the final exercise
  to get away and see one of the seven natural wonders of the world, before returning to Lusaka. As we moved onto the confirmatory part of their training, the final exercise, I spent much of my time ensuring that the Company Command Posts were running efficiently and that orders were being given to a good standard. Members of the team were attached to specific Companies, so that they could build rapport and get to know the soldiers. Towards the end of the month-long exercise, we accom- panied them on patrols to provide medical care to local villages, which was incredibly rewarding. Along with our American colleagues we also made time to visit a local school, to give them gifts and speak to the children and teachers there, who were all very excited about us coming.
Overall, the team worked incredibly well together and the trip was a huge success. I would say that a highlight for me was visiting a local’s house, where we tried various traditional Zambian foods and met several of his family members and neigh- bours. Personally, I learnt a great deal from working with such a diverse British team and our allied partners, and the Americans and French. We had an opportunity to see a stunning country and meet some interesting people, all whilst being exposed to Battlegroup-level training and being able to help develop those deploying on an important UN mission to CAR.
Lt Matt Hancock
OC Javelin Pl
Zambian inclement weather conditions did not stop the STTT programme
 Armenia STTT 2019
On Sunday 14 July, I led a 5-man short term training team to Armenia including 2Lt Charlie Bromhead, Cpl Williams, Rfn Fry and Rfn Tetley. We left Heathrow in the late afternoon and after transferring in Athens, we arrived in Yerevan in the early hours of Monday morning. We were met by the Samvel, the DRO from the UK Embassy in Armenia and after a few hours rest in Yerevan, we set off on what was an interesting 2 hours journey to the Pambak Mountains in NW Armenia. The training base we used was a Mountain Warfare training camp, set up by the Soviets, a 20-minute drive from our hotel in the city of Vanadzor. Driving through Armenia was certainly an enjoyable and hair-raising experience.
At the training camp, we met the Armenian team and their manager who, along with the team commander, were to be our interpreters. After I paid a courtesy visit to the Camp Commandant and introduced the team in the opening address, we dived straight in to the training. Rfn Tetley gave the team an introduction to the Ex CAMBRIAN PATROL from a participant’s point of view and went through the kit requirements before we settled in to our hotel.
The team of eight and their manager were very friendly and keen to learn new ways of doing things throughout the week. From our interac- tions, we learned the team had between 3 to 9 years experience each, one of whom had served in Afghanistan. They were drawn from an elite Light Recce Unit who worked in the disputed Western part of Armenia. Used to working together, they quickly developed into a strong team which boded well for the competition.
Over the three days of training we covered map reading, model building, contact drills, patrolling, fire control orders, battlefield casualty drills and crib cards. Much of the training took place in and around the camp nestled in particularly mountainous terrain. The practical navigation was done near Vanadzor, fortunately coinciding with a visit from the UK’s Defence Attaché to Armenia, Lt Col David Ethell RM, which went well, not only getting him out of the office, but allowing him the opportunity to shadow one half of the team on a short navigation exercise.
The STTT went in to this training with three aims. Firstly, to assess what standard the Armenian skills and drills were. Secondly, advising them on what they could do to prepare for the competition and finally delivering bespoke training on identified skills gaps identified such as navigation and model building. They took on the UK practices very well and added flair with their specific practices and experiences.
After a fantastic trip, I will follow the team with particular interest and am hoping for a strong finish from a credible and capable team.
Capt Kris Tarry
2IC HQ Company
     The Armenian STTT beds in
  Model building lessons in Armenia

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