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 Adjutant General’s Corps detachment
It has been a busy twelve months for 7 RIFLES’ AGC detachment, which has grown to a sizeable fourteen personnel; a mixture of Full-Time Reserve Service and Reserve personnel, with enlistments and transfers from other reserve and regular units. Most recently the detachment was joined by Pte Elliot Smith from 39 Sig Regt, Sgt Rosemary Ewbank from ATR Pirbright, and Pte Jessica Smithers-Jones from the RLC (regular to reserve transfer). 7 RIFLES also has a new Regimental Administration Officer, Capt Louise Rosher.
LCpl Louisa Murphy deployed on Exercise IRON SKIRMISH in May 2018 for ten days in Sennelager, Germany as part of the 20 Armoured Infantry Brigade element of a 3(UK) Division-led exercise. This was a fantastic opportunity for her to refresh the basics in soldiering in preparation for her Potential Non-Com- missioned Officer cadre. LCpl Tagara Muza deployed to Salisbury Plain in May 2019 to participate in Ex IRON SKIRMISH 2. This year, the AGC took a different approach, looked at the role of the AGC in the field and taught and practised the skills accordingly.
Capt Louise Rosher has not even been in post a year but has excelled herself in all aspects of G1, while still finding time to fit in her passion for cycling. She has been on a multitude of events representing 7 RIFLES, the AGC and the Army on Ex WELSH EPIC 19 and the AGC’s Ex ALPINE LION, which took place in the French Alps in May/June. LCpls Louisa Murphy and LCpl Katherine Hudson took to the slopes on 7 RIFLES’ Ex IVERNA VENTURE in France in January 2019 and both came away with a Ski Foundation 1 qualification.
Honours and awards have seen Sgt Charmaine Hawkins received a Personnel Administration Branch Commendation and more recently LCpl Louisa Murphy was awarded the HQ 3 (UK) Division Lightfoot Trophy for best SPS reserve soldier.
SSgt Charmaine Hawkins Sys Coord, HQ Coy 7 RIFLES
The Waterloo Band & Bugles of The Rifles
The Waterloo Band & Bugles were announced as the busiest reserve band this year out of 19 reserve bands nationally. We are extremely fortunate to be a sub-unit containing some of the most committed reservists employed, with individuals turning out for training and engagements year-round and weekend after weekend, many of whom also travel large distances to attend our band base in Abingdon. The band looks healthy in number; however, this is still fairly reliant on extensions of service of some our older but key personnel. Recruiting players of certain instruments, namely low brass, percussion, oboe and bassoon, remains tricky as the national picture of young people learning these instruments drops.
Motivation of musicians and buglers remains high, and key to this is the appointment this year of a new Director of Music, Maj Lawrence Sale, and the departure after many years of brilliant service from the outgoing Director of Music, Maj Peter Clark in February. Maj Sale joins us after leaving the regular army as Director of Music of The Band of the Scots Guards. After a short time however, he discovered that military music does not leave you that easily, and we are delighted that he is re-entering The Rifles family, after previously commanding the regular Rifles band for 3 years.
The Band & Bugles Annual Training Period was split this year between a week training and then supporting Public Duties at Windsor Castle, and a week travelling to Lourdes with the British contingent at the annual Military Pilgrimage. In direct contrast to our previous visit in 2017, the weather was extremely wet and chilly. Despite this, the Band & Bugles put on a terrific perfor- mance and showed our versatility by leading parades of British contingent members with marches, accompanying Masses with hymns, and entertaining crowds in the streets with some more popular, light numbers.
Over the quieter winter season, some members of the Band & Bugles will be leaving their comfort zone by learning to sail over a couple of weekends, with more attending the Battalion ski trip in January.
Sjt Jackie Mann
      Band Recruiter & Media SNCO 7 RIFLES
The Band & Bugles at Lourdes May 19
The Band at Hayling Island
 SSgt Hawkins receiving her Personnel Administration Commendation at Worthy Down Oct 18

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