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B Company
Looking back on last year’s report, it is clear to see how far B Company has come in the space of the year. It has been so busy it has flown by! The greatest change came no more than a couple of months ago. We opened our outstation in Bulford at the end of May, and are there to stay. Reserve soldiers are working out of the training wing of Ward Barracks, otherwise home to 5 RIFLES, on Tuesday evenings.
Working as one regiment, 5 RIFLES’ support is critical in enabling this. We have been found an armoury, store rooms, training space and an office. The team in Bulford, centred around 6 Platoon and some elements of Coy HQ, is small but optimistic of its potential to attract and retain leavers from regular service, not only from 5 RIFLES but from the wider Tidworth and Bulford garrison. Come in and see us if you’re resettling or know people that are! CSjt Jason Fry, LCpl Pamela Perry and Rfn Stefan Lines have already trodden this route to continue their service in Bulford.
Across the many exercises the company has participated in over the year, the true highlight has to be the Fentiman Shield win by Lt Arron Kelman and LCpl James Spiller’s team. Lt Kelman reports:
“The first B Coy entry in the Fentiman Shield ended in success with the team finishing in first place. Through a series of stands that tested various military skills, this was an excellent opportunity for B Coy to display their soldiering abilities. A notable mention goes to LCpl Spiller who was given an award by the Commanding Officer as the best JNCO throughout the competition but very well done also to the rest of my team: Rfn Brooker, Hill, Jagne, Mahood and Sycamore. They worked hard and performed magnif- icently throughout, ensuring success for B Coy.”
The company also performed well on Ex JAEGER WARRIOR. While avoiding repetition of the battal- ion’s report, suffice to say B Coy showed themselves in a good light.
have done much to put the company on a stable footing. CSjt Spear, hot in the seat, pulled off the feat of equipping the whole company with No2 dress for remembrance this year – no small task! We have also delivered the Wiltshire Surge recruiting campaign, culminating in an open day with over 100 people through the door and are dealing with the subsequent expressions of interest.
Sadly, where people come, others must go. Barely a few weeks ago we bid goodbye to CSjt Simon Heaver, who has been a foundation stone of this company since well before its establishment having joined the team as SPSI in early 2017. Covering almost every permanent staff role simulta- neously, this company owes in some part its existence to him. He takes well-deserved retirement after joining the RGBW in the mid-90s. He is succeeded by CSjt Tim Armon-Jones.
I am conscious that this article focuses on the individuals that make the team, rather than the warry exercises. But in my opinion this epitomises the Army Reserve – great individuals, characters and contributions. And I cannot continue without mentioning our two earners of Lord Lieutenant’s Certificates for Meritorious Service. I must not repeat the gazette notices, but suffice to say CSjt Will Spear and Cpl Rob Stiff both thoroughly deserve their awards for continuing to serve for several years to a very high standard after each completed lengthy regular careers.
B Coy is nothing if not forward-looking. The company will command soldiers from across the battalion on Ex IBERIAN STAR, and is also planning an open evening in Bulford in September with a focus on briefing local service leavers and their RCMOs. A significant portion of the company is expected to mobilise in 2020 for Op TOSCA 32 but before that in October we will celebrate our 2nd anniversary, with everybody who has served in B Coy in that time invited. Lots to look forward to as
After our formal establishment only a little over a
year ago, we moved fast to establish a highly   the company and the battalion goes from strength
capable team of people to sustain the company. Our new PSAO, Capt Andy Skiffington, along with CSjt Will Spear as QPSI and their respective civil servants,
to strength!
Maj Nathan Horsman OC B Coy 7 RIFLES
   B Coy Fentiman Shield

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