Page 135 - The Rifles Bugle Autumn 2019
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   completed level 2 are now moving up to the next level and are already gearing up to instructor level qualifications. Ex FROSTED SWORD III has again been planned by E Company and will run in January 2020
For those in the UK life has been equally exciting, with the establishment of the Machine Gun Platoon. Training was delivered by our permanent staff, which enabled us to qualify individuals safely before firing on the ranges. This experience has been highly rewarding, not just through the extra time on the ranges, but also from learning new tactics and understanding how our Riflemen can work in a Company Group or alongside our Regular counter- parts.
The future looks bright for E Company, with the upcoming Annual Deployment Exercise in Slovenia and opportunities to deploy to Afghan- istan and Cyprus in the next 12 months. We have already received 10 volunteers for the Afghanistan deployment and expect this number to rise with those completing training now.
Major Gordon Kaye, OC E Company
Riflemen got to complete Ski Foundation 1 and 2 courses during the exercise
 E Coy were the lead for Ex FROSTED SWORD II in Val Thorens, France
        The Riflemen receive a debrief after a CBRN lesson

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