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small ensembles, with the band being the Roulement Band at Kneller Hall once again.
January was over like a shot and we were looking forward to Adventure Training in February. There were many different activities the Band and Bugles took part in including sailing, skiing and some serious hill-walking in the Lake District, very tiring, but lots of fun!
After lots of rehearsals, one of the highlights of the year was fast approaching, Public Duties at Buckingham Palace, St. James` Palace, and Windsor Castle. So many people come to watch these events, it’s quite breath- taking! The weather was perfect most days, a bit too hot on some though, but we all managed and enjoyed ourselves at the same time. We would be performing these during the next few months, in-between all of the dinner nights, Passing Out Parades at various locations, and rehearsals for other engage- ments!
Sandhurst was our next big engagement, we spent two weeks there assisting in all of the Officer Cadet parades and the main event at the Military Academy, The Sovereigns` Parade. Everybody looked spectacular, even the horses are finely polished!
An Easter break is just what the Band and Bugles needed at this point. But back to work it was, and we sadly had to say goodbye to our Director of Music, Major Jason Griffiths, who has been assigned to Kneller Hall.
It was around about May time that Public Duties were becoming more regular than our usual engagements! We had a short break at the start of June where we went to Normandy for the DDay commemoration events, mainly focussing around the Bayeux War Cemetery and Pegasus Bridge. This was quite an enlightening tour for members of the Band and Bugles, to actually be in the spots those soldiers were 75 year ago! Amazing! We met some amazing people who had the most incredible stories and memories.
Once the events in Normandy had concluded, it was back on the ferry and on the way home, ready for more Public Duties, we even did 12 consecutive days! This was extremely hard with so many early mornings, but we all stood together, marched proudly and enjoyed the attention from the public.
With summer approaching, you`re nearly up to date with what we`ve been up to. We started to prepare for Edinburgh in July where we welcomed back 3 RIFLES from Iraq. They have been doing the British Army`s training and mentoring mission, aka OP SHADER. Well done all, we`re glad to see you home.
  Cpl Scott on his sailing course, enjoying the open water
Sailing – Exercise Caribbean Express, LEG 7
I was lucky enough to take part in the Joint Service Adventurous Sail Training Centre (JSASTC) adventurous training exercise, sailing the Caribbean for two weeks on board a Challenger 72.........
Sailing as part of a Tri-Service crew of 15, they covered 622 miles from Union Island to the south, to Antigua in the north. We started and finished at St Lucia. Some other Islands we got to visit included Tobago Cays, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, West Indies, Bequia, Guadeloupe, Dominica and Martinique
All of us were in testing conditions due to the winds, heat, cramped condi- tions, and night sailing, where we learned to navigate using the stars. By the end of the two weeks, we were working as efficient teams. These challenges tested our ability and leadership skills to work as a team while also exposing us to controlled risk.
The steep learning curve also allowed the seven novices on board to obtain their RYA Competent Crew Qualification.
There were also some non-sailing highlights for me, these included snorkeling with sea turtles, hiking to and swimming in gorges and geothermal heated water- falls and watching some spectacular sunsets. There was even a Steel Band that played Light Cavalry on one of the beaches!
Cpl Scott also spent his adventurous training sailing, working down at Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre in Gosport to gain his Coastal Skipper Certificate. This is the next step up for him as he is already a Day Skipper. This sailing qualification will enable Cpl Scott to skipper longer coastal passages day and night outside of the Solent.
He spent most of his training off of the southwest coast of England, although the training was tough, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and saw some beautiful sights.
Author Serjeant Paul Wright
Sjt Wright at the helm of his An absolute pleasure for Sjt boat Wright, swimming with turtles

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