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  CAMUS STTT Ethiopia
Two members of the Band and Bugles of The Rifles, Cpl`s Barker and Barnard, with three other members of CAMUS took part in The Corps of Army Music`s Short Term Training Team (STTT) to Ethiopia. The aim of this CAMUS STTT was to deliver training and offer musical assistance to the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) Band, concluding with the ENDF Band providing musical support at the British Embassy for the annual Remembrance Service. In total, there were over 40 countries represented by their Ambassadors and the ENDF Band provided suitable music throughout the service.
In the lead up to this event, the team assisted the ENDF Band with varied rehearsals, sectional workshops and also provided instruction to develop their marching band capability. In consul- tation with the British Embassy, the music was selected ahead of the team’s arrival. This was then rehearsed during the musical training sessions that were held in the weeks prior to the engagement. Each member of the team would deliver detailed instruction to their relevant sections and the BM brought it all together in the practice room. The culmination of many hours hard work, by both instructors and instrumentalists, paid off with an outstanding performance by the ENDF Band.
In addition to the service in Addis Ababa, the STTT was also requested to provide musical support to the Remembrance Service in Djibouti. The service was held in the Djibouti War Cemetery and the ensemble provided reflective music as wreaths were laid and Last Post was performed at sunset.
The team were very fortunate to have time to visit some of the historical sights in and around Ethiopia’s capital city. These included The Portu- guese Bridge, The Red Terror Museum and The National Museum of Ethiopia, where the oldest skeleton ever discovered (called Lucy) is to be found.
They also visited sites outside the city bound- aries including the highest peak in Ethiopia - Mount Entoto. Whilst it reaches 3200 meters above sea level, we didn’t have time to climb to the top. On the mountain road we did however get to see some places of interest including Maryam (St Mary) Church and the Emperor’s Palace. On their last day they visited the The Holy Trinity Cathedral; this is where the founder of Rastafar- ianism is laid to rest.
The time spent in Ethiopia was rewarding and educational for the whole team. The instruction they provided was invaluable to the ENDF Band and was received with clear understanding and an abundance of enthusiasm. Another amazing opportunity for CAMUS musicians to work with Military musicians from around the world!
Author LCpl Danni Murrow
       Cpls Barnard and Barker (L-R Respectively) showing the ENDF Band some instrumental warm up techniques
All members of the CAMUS STTT Ethiopia can be seen wearing the traditional dress of Ethiopia
    Cpl Barnard (Centre) and Cpl Barker (Far Right) with other members from CAMUS

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