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    The Regimental March with poignant poppies
during the War. He said, “I don’t know how we did what we did, but we managed it!” Looking around at the graves he said in the best English he could, “In life some people have good luck and some people have bad luck, I just had some good luck”. He believed along with many others that it was their duty to come back and pay their respects to their fallen comrades, because they were the lucky ones... lucky enough to have had an extra 75 years. Slowly it is becoming more and more down to us now to carry on this tradition each year to honour those no longer with us.
Our Brass Quintet, were involved rather more than the main band, playing appropriate music around Normandy for various events. These long rehearsals and early starts were made considerably easier once we reflected upon the perils these esteemed brave gentleman had to deal with 75 years ago. The price they had to pay and what they had to give up for us and our freedom is a debt to which we will
never be able to repay. They are responsible for saving Europe from tyranny and in turn,
the world from disaster. We are
indebted to these courageous
gentleman and their fallen colleagues. They have touched each and every one of our lives by giving their all to ensure their beloved land stayed free.
To spend precious time speaking with these brave and humorous gentlemen we feel incredibly privileged and honored. Memories of being a part of this momentous and poignant occasion will stay with us, as I’m sure it will everyone, for the rest of our lives.
Author Musn Emily Watson
and LCpl Murrow
Some veterans pose at Pegasus Bridge
LCpl May practising in the grounds of the War Cemetery
The Bugle platoon on top of Pegasus Bridge
         THE RIFLES
LCpl Boorn looking serious at Pegasus Bridge

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