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                                                                                                                                                                      The Sandhurst Trust is the Army Officers’ charity and is the alumni organisation for all serving and retired Army officers.
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The Trust fosters an esprit de corps
and enduring sense of belonging and connection through reunions and events.
We sustain the ethos and preserve the heritage of RMAS through events and guided tours.
By holding events for Trust Members with military and business leaders and through the publishing of occasional papers we promote the understanding and development of leadership beyond the Academy.
The Trust provides charitable support
to Officer Cadets and staff at RMAS as well as the retired officer community in partnership with the Officers’ Association.
100% of donations are disbursed charitably.
Membership from £15
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   by the Veterans Band of the Light Division and the Rifles under the direction of Tex Calton. Once again a great celebration of veteran music!!
Another annual Association favourite is the RGJ Gathering held in Winchester. Once again Buglers sounded the calls at the memorial service in the Light Division gardens of remembrance and then they joined the Waterloo Band for the parade and the Sounding of Retreat. During the event, the Buglers’ Association was presented with six silver bugles. They had recently been refurbished and all inscribed to the RGJ Association, thanks to the generosity of the General Jamie Gordon President of the RGJ Association and all its members. These bugles are on long term loan to the Association and our former RGJ Buglers will bear them with much pride.
In August some of our buglers were the guests of 5 RIFLES, who celebrated Salamanca Day with a really enjoyable families day and we helped to entertain them with a concert performance alongside the buglers of 5 RIFLES under the direction of their Bugle Major Gary Freeland.
Given the continued reduction in military bands and the difficulty in sustaining bugling within the Regiment, it is clear that the role of the Buglers’ Association in maintaining our bugling heritage and supporting the wider Regimental family will continue to be increasingly important. Moreover our new sound and amplification systems will help develop the Light Division sound.
Finally, we would like to thank all those who contribute to the Association so generously, in particular the RGJ Association and the KOYLI Trust. The Association is extremely grateful for your support and we look forward to supporting the Regiment in the years ahead.
20180129_New TPMH Quarter Page Advert 90mm x 126mm.indd 1 30/01/2018 THE BAND AND BUGLES OF THE RIFLES 155
At the Unveiling of the R Signals Memorial at the NMA
   A History of
The Princess Mary’s Hospital
Royal Air Force Akrotiri 1963 – 2013 Written by Colonel David Vassallo L/RAMC
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If you were posted to Cyprus you will enjoy the memories and delight browsing through the images, if you were born there you will cherish this unique keepsake. Buy it as a gift.
ISBN 978-0992798017
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