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   SAA field day. After a morning of weapon revision, delivered by Lieutenant Fairwood, Major Connor and Sergeant Pennock (CTT), 36 cadets all successfully passed their weapon handling tests. Excellent drills were carried out by corporal Ricardo Allen and lance corporals Catherine Stephenson and Nidhi Devgan. The cadets then enjoyed a day of shooting at the DCCT range in Catterick. In the final shoot out competition, lance corporal Ian Tam took the gold.
The Tri-Service Climbing Competition was organised by the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for the North of England (RFCA). The competition involved over 120 cadets from across the North East of England from the 3 different services: Army cadets, Air Cadets and Sea Cadets. It quickly became clear that our CCF would be a contender for some silverware as 5 of our 7 climbers progressed to the semi-finals. Cadets Max and Jan Berni made it into the u17 finals with Sergeants Rob Harris and Hamish McAllister and Lance corporal Max Myhan just missing out. In the u17 female category sergeant Katie Baxter did really well, progressing to the semi-finals. In the 17+ female category, sergeant Sarah Graystone dominated her age category and went on the win the gold medal.
The House Shooting Competition is an annual event where all members of the CCF fire the Anschutz rifle in the school’s indoor range. With some excellent marksmanship principles, the scoring was incredibly high. Congratulations go to sergeant Edward Rhodes and lance corporal James Clough who both achieved 100/100. At the Old Barnardians weekend, the cadets have the oppor- tunity to shoot against the OBs using the scorpion rifles in a friendly competition. This year the cadet team managed to hold onto the silverware for the second year.
This year’s adventure training took place in the Cairngorm National Park in Scotland. The week involved the cadets learning some basic winter skills including how to use ice axes, how to put on crampons and how to walk on the snow by heeling. They also practised carrying out ice axe arrests and digging snow holes. Cadets walked to the top of Ptarmigan mountain as well as navigating along the River Feshie to Ruigh Aiteachain bothy. A huge thank you must go to Lt Fairwood for organising the trip, as well as the RFCA and the Ulysses Trust for giving us grants towards the expedition costs. Lance corporal Ed Hilsdon received the Hall Shield for best cadet on adventure training.
With 56 new recruits joining this year, their first military experience is Exercise First Look. This 24-hour exercise gives the cadets an insight into the type of military training that they will receive during their cadet career in the School’s CCF. The cadets spent the time learning basic field craft skills and completing command tasks. Cadet Freddie Bulman was awarded the Hays trophy for being the best year nine cadet and the best NCO went to corporal Ricardo Allen who received the Nicholson trophy for his efforts.
Exercise Second Look, is an advanced tactical weekend, with the aim of preparing cadets for summer camp. Throughout the weekend, they are taught ambush drills and the six section battle drills required to carry out a section attack. Under the direction of the platoon commander, sergeant Owen Greaves and his two section commanders, sergeants Hamish McAllister and Teddy Hamilton, their sections were able to carry out a number
of flawless section attacks and also spring a surprise ambush on a patrolling enemy force.
RAF cadets have had the opportunity in taking part in three Air Experience Flying days throughout the academic year. Cadets Jack Butterwick, Lizzie Burton, Aaron Cheung and Max Myhan enjoyed flying the grub tutors for the first time. Within the training programme, the cadets have enjoyed some drone training along with aircraft recognition and the mechanics of flying. They have worked hard to complete their proficiency certificates and congratulations go to lance corporals Aaron Cheung and Jack Butterwick for achieving the highest part 1 results and sergeant Alex Scopes for achieving the highest results in the part 2 proficiency exam.

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