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 Bristol Army Cadet Force
In January 2019 the Mayor of Bristol launched a new route for Metrobus (the city’s new express bus service) with a bus adorned with a picture of Cadet Corporal Brooke Collins wearing a Rifles badge. The picture is part of an advert for Bristol Army Cadet Force (BACF) and the photo titled “The Rifles” was taken by one of BACF’s instructors and was itself a winner at last year’s Army photographic compe- tition. The majority of BACF cadets and staff wear The Rifles cap-badge and all are very proud to do
so. But some may question whether this is good and proper – have the staff and cadets of BACF earned the right to wear the Rifles cap-badge? Our achievements in the last 12 months, some of which are highlighted below, demonstrate how we continue to develop in our young people the very same qualities found in Riflemen.
Like The Rifles, we continue to develop the leaders of tomorrow whether captains of industry or within the military. Nineteen cadets from BACF conducted an Institute of Leadership and Management course as part of the Level 2 Award where they success- fully completed the weekend (the first such course run for BACF) working through challenging theory and practical sessions. The external staff were full of praise for the cadets, especially their levels of leadership, teamwork and high-level problem solving. They were particularly impressed by one group who managed to complete a task that had never been done before. Additionally, our leadership development is demonstrated by the cadets that attended the CTT Senior Cadet Instruction Course at Bovington with 4 achieving the highest grade (of “Highly Commended”), with Cadet Sgt McDonagh impressing the staff with her skills and narrowly missing the coveted “Top Gun” Award.
We mentor our cadets to adopt a constructive role in society, just like Riflemen. BACF were again proud to remember the fallen at annual Remembrance parades throughout the City. We also took part in the national “There but not there” at the National Arboretum. BACF were again involved in the Armed Forces Day celebrations in June attending local parades and 9 cadets also the honour together with others to represent the Army Cadet Force in the Armed Forces Day National Event parade in Salisbury, complete with a fly past by the Red Arrows.
We develop physical robustness and foster confi- dence through achievement, just like Riflemen. In late April cadets from both Somerset & Bristol took part in the annual RAF Cosford 2 Day Marches. Our sporting success has been impressive largely thanks to our sports officer, SSI Poppy Gates. Every BACF cadet who attended the South West (SW) regional athletics championship won a medal, many with gold. In the SW regional football championship both the junior and senior girls stomped to success and the former won the national event. In the regional rugby championship, the BACF Junior boys and intermediate girls both won their event with Bristol being crowned overall winners.
The excellent year would not have been possible without hard working staff members such as 2Lt Kym Hadley, 2Lt Kelly Thomas and SMI Martin Dove all been singled out for HM Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate (to be presented by the Lord Lieutenant, Mrs Peaches Golding, in October). We congratulate them on their success and thank them for their hard work and contribution. We need more adult volun- teers and there is nobody better suited to develop in young people the qualities of a Rifleman than Riflemen of the past and present. For more infor- mation about volunteering as an adult instructor with Bristol Army Cadets, call 0117 986 3344 or email
       Institute of Leadership and Management Course
  Bristol ACF is multi-cap badged

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