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   Warminster School CCF
As we drove into Copehilll Down Village for the final CCF weekend of the year, one of the cadets exclaimed, “This is sick!”. Positive feedback indeed.
As part of their broader education, cadets value opportunities to meet soldiers from the regular army, better understand their roles and of course, to get hands-on with equipment and vehicles. This weekend, cadets were in for a treat! 5 RIFLES brought their WARRIOR Infantry Fighting Vehicle, a £7 million vehicle complete with 30mm Rarden cannon and 7.62mm Chain gun. Cadets were fortunate to clamber over the vehicle, sitting in the drivers’ and gunners’ seats and trying out the inside for size. 5 RIFLES supported our Training in Built Up Areas (TIBUA) instructor in the Copehill Down Skills House; bringing along Laser/Light Module attachments for cadets to understand how TIBUA is conducted in the dark. Senior cadets led the way, conducting clearance through a purpose-built house and firing blank rounds at enemy targets along the way. A true test of communication skills and team work - senior cadets were not found wanting. Something to aspire to for junior cadets watching from the balcony above. Thanks to the Operations Officer and Serjeant Abraham from 5 RIFLES who gave up their free time to support cadets; Serjeant Abraham was still supporting lessons on Saturday night at 9:30pm – such commitment! As if that was not enough, The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, who were training nearby, kindly brought a JACKAL reconnaissance vehicle for cadets to explore.
Cadets were out to impress this weekend and did not disappoint. Junior cadets demonstrated their leadership and organisational skills as Section Second-in-Commands. Also, nine cadets taught fieldcraft lessons to their peers under the shelter of some trees on Salisbury Plain, planning in teams and selecting resources to enhance their lessons. On Sunday, cadets stepped outside their comfort zone when tackling an urban obstacle course under, over and through buildings in Copehill Down village. There was lots of laughter and plenty of cursing, as cadets crawled through the completely dark and wet tunnel system. For once, cadets were grateful for the lack of 4G, as I had tried to play the sound of squeaking rats to cadets
as they neared the end. There
was also the opportunity to hone
weapon handling skills firing blank
ammunition at enemy targets
dotted along the street as well
as paintballing in a purpose-built
Afghan village. Phew! What
a weekend! Warminster
School CCF is certainly
well prepared for
Annual CCF
camp in a
couple of
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