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  The Rifles Tour of the North
In September The Band & Bugles travelled North of the Wash to support 8 RIFLES in a series of Freedom and Community Engagement events. These events tested the musician’s physical prowess and gave them a deep suspicion of any plans made by the Regional Secretary North.
The Tour commenced with a Bugles Breakfast at Altcar Training Camp hosted by CO 8 RIFLES Lt Col Nathan Teale. Representatives from all five pillars of The Rifles in Merseyside including the Lord Lieutenant, the mother and grandfather of LCpl Peter Eustace and the Chairmen of Everton FC consumed a copious breakfast while marvelling at the skill of the Buglers and the narration provided by the Senior Bugle Major.
The Band not to be outdone conducted a music workshop and combined concert with school musicians from across Doncaster Schools. The Director of Music Major Jason Griffin showing just how energetic he can get when conducting.
The following day saw the Band & Bugles supported by the Veteran Buglers perform Sounding Retreat for the people of Wakefield. Their ability to adapt was tested to the full in the tight and uniquely shaped Bull Ring in the town centre.
The final day of the Tour could be described as an energetic canter through West Yorkshire. 8 RIFLES supported by Association members and Rifles Cadets and led by the Band & Bugles exercised the Freedom of Wakefield, marching through the centre undeterred by the need to negotiate market stalls. Judging by the reaction of the audience and subse- quent comments the Parade was very well received. The salute was taken by the Mayor of Wakefield and sadly as it turned out for the last time by Colonel Brian Denney.
With no time to stay and chat the whole parade moved to Leeds to do it all again. The route for the parade through Leeds could be described as challenging but every member of the parade rose to the challenge producing an excellent display, no one noticing the Bugle Major utilising a replacement mace, having misplaced the original!
The final event, just to stretch the Band & Bugles a little more was a Sounding Retreat in front of Leeds City Hall. They produced a superb display impressing not only the assembled dignitaries but also customers of several hostelries that border Centenary Square.
With Love from Donny
   Freedom Parade Wakefield. The parade awaits the arrival of the Mayoral Party. I know you said there was not a lot of space but...
Sounding Retreat Wakefield. The Band & Bugles enter the Bull Ring
      The Lady Mayoress of Leeds discussing with the Director of Music and Senior Bugle Major the size of their hackles
   To commemorate the people of Doncaster sending Christmas parcels to the troops in the trenches in 1918 the Doncaster Heritage team dispatched
300 parcels to members of
3 & 4 RIFLES on operations over the Christmas period. Sourced, packed and wrapped by Veterans, members of 8 RIFLES and school children. The parcels all arrived on time in Santa’s sack.
     Santa’s little helpers from Doncaster ready to load the Christmas parcels onto the SV Sledge

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