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                                         diverse team and ensuring fundraising targets were met without prejudicing the core values of the charities. He then embarked on nearly a year’s travel through SE Asia and Australia.
Freddie next went up to the University of Exeter to pursue his interests in geopolitics, sociology and anthropology in a Human Geography degree course. He also used the time at university to explore a career in the Armed Forces: joining the UOTC soon confirmed his aim to become an Army Officer. He gained a Reserve Commission during the summer of the first year, and later transferred to 6 RIFLES, where he was tasked with building and commanding the Assault Pioneer platoon, at the time in its infancy. That command was a hugely beneficial experience: overseeing the training and development of the first NCOs in the Platoon, leading the Cambrian Patrol team in 2017 to a silver medal, then filling the gapped Battalion Adjutant post in early 2018 (the inevitable number of mistakes was exceeded by an even greater number of invaluable lessons learned).
With his strong ability for languages, Freddie has now become trilingual by adding a professional NATO qualification for French to his English and Spanish.
Freddie was promoted to JUO at the end of his Seniors Term at Sandhurst. He commissioned into 2 RIFLES.
2Lt TD Rice. Tim was born in Cape Town, and spent his early childhood there until the family moved to France and the Loire Valley. He completed secondary education in France up to the Baccalau- reate, and is bilingual. He was a keen member of his French school’s Rugby Sevens team. He then moved to the United Kingdom to study International Politics and Strategic Studies at Aberystwyth University, fuelling his interest in contemporary current affairs, and he also joined Wales UOTC.
Whilst at university, Tim spent all his summers working in France as a sales assistant. After university, he worked as a Bar Manager for a year whilst completing the Army Officer application process.
From a young age Tim had known that he did not want a conven- tional job. He wanted something with challenge, which would put him outside the comfort zone of normality, and demand continuous striving to be the best. His grandfather, formerly a Royal Navy officer, exposed him to the idea of the military at a very early age, and this desire never left him.
Many of Tim’s interests reflect a deep passion for the outdoors, especially the mountains and the sea, first gained from the Sea Scouts in South Africa. He has enjoyed surfing, scuba diving, skiing and a sky dive. Most recently he went to Portugal and Morocco to surf, and completed his advanced scuba diver’s course in Thailand. Ambitious trips always present challenges, but organizing adven- turous training is something he will strive to conduct with Riflemen. Tim was commissioned into 2 RIFLES.
2Lt WS Rooney. Will was born in Uxbridge to Northern Irish and English parents, and over his first 8 years lived in Germany, Hampshire and finally Oxfordshire. He attended Lord Williams’ Comprehensive School, before moving up the road to study Economics, Politics and International Relations at Oxford Brookes University. His degree course dissertation into the funding of terrorist organisations prompted him to consider seriously a career within the Armed Forces.
After inter-railing around much of Europe in the months after graduating, and debating between a career in finance and one in the military, Will returned to the UK and worked within Foreign Exchange markets for a little under 2 years – with a full minor counties cricket season thrown in between jobs. Throughout his time with both
Worcestershire and Oxfordshire Cricket Clubs, it was clear to him how important leadership was, especially when under pressure, and when a calm, level-headed and firm approach was required. The lessons learnt here, whilst worlds apart, were still relevant. Although interesting, the environment and lifestyle of the Foreign Exchange markets did not leave him with any sense of satisfaction or fulfilment, and after much thought a career as an officer within the Army became his goal.
He was immediately drawn to the Infantry and to The Rifles. It was the sense of camaraderie, togetherness and a shared goal; all traits he had become familiar with whilst playing competitive cricket, that made it so attractive. His father, grandfather and great grandfathers served in the Armed Forces, so Will himself is continuing something of a family tradition. Will was commissioned into 1 RIFLES.
2Lt AC Schute. Alex was born in Winchester, but moved frequently around both the UK and abroad, due to his father’s Army career. With his family in Oman, Alex went to Sherborne School. He would spend the holidays in the Middle East, which developed his interest in travel, languages and learning about other cultures, as well as generating a passion for the outdoors. He became committed to drama at Sherborne, playing several leading roles in school produc- tions. In sport, he captained teams in football and rugby, and partic- ipated in governance as a member of the school council.
After school he pursued his ambitions in acting, and spent a year with the Year Out Drama Company in Stratford-upon-Avon. He finished the time with a lead role in Much Ado About Nothing at the Edinburgh Fringe, which received very positive reviews. Nevetheless, it was during his time at drama college that he began to develop an interest in a military career.
After drama college, however, he went to Canada to become a skiing instructor, and followed this role for nearly three years, teaching across the World, but especially in Japan, New Zealand and the Alps. He also qualified as a sailing instructor and then used this qualification in both Greece and the USA.
Alex has always been drawn to places off the beaten track. He has crossed Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway, arriving in Mongolia to spend time horse farming on the steppes. In the background his interest in a career in The Rifles was steadily developing. His wide travel experiences have brought him into close contact with people from walks of life very different from his own. and have helped him to look at novel situations from a wider perspective. Alex was commis- sioned into 3 RIFLES
We welcome into the Regiment the following officers, who commissioned on 9th August 2019, from RMAS Commis- sioning Course No. 183. The Sovereign’s Representative was DSACEUR, General Sir James Everard KCB CBE.
2Lt NA Hart. Nic was born in the city of Maracaibo in Venezuela, but moved with his family to Reading, Berkshire in 2007.
He attended Prospect School, starting at the bottom set in all subjects because he did not speak any English. When he graduated, he was Head Boy and in the top set of his classes. Alongside school studies, Nic joined the Reading Swimming Club competition squad and the 8 Platoon Reading ACF, where he was in several sports teams, winning the 800m competition in the 2010 National Athletics. He also earned the DofE Gold Award during that period. Having passed the ‘Life in the UK’ examination and the English proficiency test, Nic was granted full British citizenship on the 12th of November 2014.
Nic graduated from the University of Southampton in Criminology SALVETE 21

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