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Major re-organisation occurred with 4 Div being moved to 8th Army. On 11/12 May the role of 2 SOM LI in securing a crossing and bridgehead over the River Garigliano was crucial; they suffered heavy losses. Follow on Corps and Army objectives including the breach of the Gustav Line and the fall of Monte Cassino were achieved. Thereafter 2 SOM LI and 28 Bde had many engagements as they moved north. Instead of crossing the River Arno to gain the abandoned Florence they rested near Assissi before moving east to the Adriatic Sector. Coming under command of 1 Canadian Corps they progressed towards the German held Gothic Line. Dick was wounded but remained in Theatre and with basic fitness regained carried out duties with 30 SOM LI in the rear areas. By late 45 he had re-joined 2 SOM LI by now in Greece facing the communist inspired Greek Peoples Liberation Army. From Aug 46 Dick had been promoted Capt and embarked on ‘Python’. He left the Army in Apr 47 but later spent many years with the ACF at Speedwell and Horfield in Bristol. As a civilian he worked for Imperial Tobacco and Clarks of Street. Glastonbury became the family home. Dick was a widower for many years, supported the Norton Radstock Branch of the Association and amongst other family is survived by his daughter, Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville.
HACKER – Mr Terrence Miles John died in spring 2019. Terrence served in 1st Glosters from 1955-57 and during that time was on
HANKEY – Lt Ian Raymond Alers, died on 19th January aged 80. Having been called up for National Service he carried out basic training at Bodmin before being posted to 1 SOM LI at Knook Camp, shortly before amalgamation with 1 DCLI. As demonstration troops the battalion acted as enemy and friendly forces and demon- strated infantry tactics on Salisbury Plain to those on School of Infantry courses. Subsequently Ian was articled as an accountant to a firm in Bristol and later worked in France. The majority of his working life was spent in London. Our condolences go to his widow, Mrs Sylvie Hankey.
HARRIS – Capt Frederick Brian Oatway, died on 14th February 2019 aged 85. A Bristolian educated at Radley, Brian served his period of National Service with 1 SOM LI and included operations in Malaya. Subsequently he joined 4/5th Bn SOM LI at Bath. He left the TA in 1960. Brian was the 4th generation of Harris and Co, recyclers, of Bristol. The company continues to this day in the hands of the 5th generation. Brian was a classic car enthusiast, kept in touch with regimental contemporaries, was a stalwart of the Bristol Branch of the Association and was interested in painting, fishing and shooting. A keen reader of the Bugle our condolences go to his widow, Mrs Patricia (Paddy) Harris.
HICKS – Mr Walter Harvey died in June 2019 aged 93. Walter enlisted in to the Army in March 1944 and joined 4 SOM LI. By 2 Aug 44 he joined his unit fighting in Normandy and throughout the North West Europe campaign. He left in 1948 and successively worked for the Home Office, British Road Services and British Gas. His home was at Stanton Drew and he was a member of the Norton Radstock Branch. Walter was a widower.
HIGGINS – Mr Victor George died on 22nd March 2019 aged 79. Vic, as known by all, was Secretary of the South Somerset Branch of the Association. Following the closure of the branch he joined the Norton Radstock Branch. Vic originally joined the SOM LI and there- after served in 1 SCLI. Our condolences go to his widow Jennifer and family.
KINGSTON – Maj Ernest Jack died
on 8th March 2019 aged 95. Having
been commissioned in June 1945 Jack
joined 1 SOM LI and initially served in
India before moving to Bordon. In this
first period of five-years he carried out
a variety of appointments including:
Pl Comd; MTO; Adjt; and Coy 2ic. A
two-year posting on the staff at Hong
Kong followed before returning to 1
SOM LI as a Coy Comd which included
time in Malaya. From 1954-56 Jack
served on the Staff at Chertsey in a
Grade 3 appointment. A return to 1
SOM LI as a Coy Comd with deploy-
ments to Malta and Cyprus followed. He subsequently left the Army in Nov 58 and specialised in sales and marketing and for a period worked with Honeywell Control Systems. Jack was pre-deceased by his wife, Betty, and is survived by their two sons. In most recent years Capt Jeremy Kingston MN accompanied Jack to many regimental occasions.
JONES - Mr Graham (Jigger) died on 27th November 2018. Jigger served in 1st Glosters during the 1960s and is greatly missed by his family and friends.
KEAY – Maj Robert James (Bob) died on 2nd September 2018 aged 80. Bob was a regular officer from the Parachute Regiment who on moving to Cornwall joined 6 LI and in the late 1970s was OC C Coy. In civilian life he was a property developer.
   GRIFFITHS Mr Ivor Mervyn died on 18th September 2018 aged 82. Ivor completed his National Service between 1954-56, mainly with Sp Coy 1 SOM LI. Operational service included Malaya. Subsequently he became a long-distance lorry driver. He is survived by a son and two daughters.
  operations in Kenya, Aden and Cyprus. Somerset.
The family home is in North
HALE – Mr Robert (Ginger) died on 11th
June 2019 aged 78. Bob joined 1st
Glosters at Dover in 1960, Cinderford
was home and training completed at
Topsham Barracks, Exeter. Unit training
in Libya was an early recollection and
playing in the Cyprus Regimental Polo
team a highlight and fond memory.
Amongst the headlines he received
were: ‘Polo Playing Private Makes
History’ and ‘Army’s Number One
Polo Player’. He loved sport and also
became a battalion boxer. Subse-
quently Bob enjoyed a long spell in the
Families Office. At a time when Army
Welfare and Social Services were not so prescient, Bob, often supported by his wife Carol were widely respected for their work and contribution to battalion life. Carol had also been a soldier and they met at Saighton Camp, Chester. His final year in the Army was spent at Fulwood Bks Preston. He remained there as a security guard before transferring to Weeton Camp where he was the senior store- keeper. Concurrently Carol worked as the administrative focal point at Weeton Camp Primary School. Bob Hale lost his wife to cancer in 2017 and they are survived by two children.
HALFORD – Mr Olly, a former member of the Glosters Regimental Band died on Saturday 6th October 2018.

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