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LANGLANDS – Maj Geoffrey died
2nd January 2019 aged 101. At the
outbreak of war, Geoffrey joined the
Somerset Light Infantry and in time was
drafted to 4 Commando. There he took
part in the Dieppe Raid of 1942. He was
selected for Officer training and subse-
quently joined the Garhwal Rifles and
fought the Japanese. Having become
directly involved in the protection of
Hindu troops during partition he subse-
quently chose to join the Pakistan Army
for a short while but was persuaded
to stay. He took up a teaching post at
Aitchison College, known as “the Eton
of Pakistan” and remained there for 25 years teaching maths and English. In 1988 Geoffrey was kidnapped and then released after little more than a week and was advised to return to England; he declined. Aged 72 he became headmaster of a school in the Chitral Valley, high in the Himalyan range of the Hindu Kush bordering Afghanistan. The 80-pupil school increased to 900 (girls and boys) and became a by-word for academic excellence. Geoffrey never married and was awarded the MBE in 1983 for services to education in Pakistan. His full obituary will be submitted to The Chronicle.
LIMBRICK – Mr Martyn (Dins) died on 16th May 2019 aged 58. Martyn served with 1st Glosters from 1976-93 beginning with A Coy. He subsequently joined the Anti-Tank Platoon and also C Coy. At one stage he left the Army only to re-join, Martyn’s brother Gareth also served in 1st Glosters and their elder brother had a full career with the RM. Our condolences go to the family.
LOCKSTONE – Mr Kenneth Arthur died on 5th June 2019 aged 94. Kenneth joined the Glosters in October 1944 and was trained at Colchester. Four months later he transferred and was posted to 1 SOM LI in India, remaining with the unit until leaving the Army in Mar 48. He subsequently became a sheet metal worker, a company director and a member of the Bristol Branch of the Association.
MASON – Mr Robert Alan died on 17th June 2019 aged 68. Bob enlisted in Oct 68 and subsequently served with 1 LI until Apr 75. His training included Driver and Radio Operator Class Two. Postings were both UK and BAOR based including two tours in NI and unit deployments to Kenya and Belize. Bob’s younger brother, Richard also served in 1 LI as a bandsman. Bob, on leaving the Army, became a plant operator specializing in excavators. Weston-super-Mare was home to both brothers.
MURPHY – Sgt Bryon J (Spud) died in July 2018 aged 92. Spud initially joined Bristol’s Home Guard and at the age of 19 was released from Pecketts Iron Foundry to join the Glosters. However, after basic training he was sent to India and joined the Dorsets. Later he joined 1st Glosters in Jamaica and by Apr 51 was a Sgt controlling Vickers MGs at the Imjin River. There he was Mentioned in Despatches and taken prisoner. After release he left the Army and became a postman but was then persuaded to re-join 1st Glosters. Beginning again as a Pte soldier his time included tours in Cyprus, Swaziland and Berlin plus a deployment to USA. He was promoted to WO2 in 1964 and his last years were spent with 1 WESSEX. Some of his military experiences were recorded by the Imperial War Museum. Spud’s wife, Katie, pre-deceased him and he is survived by their son Byron who works in Singapore.
PARKS Maj David Arthur died on 13th October 2018 aged 90. David was commissioned in 1950 and served in 1 WILTS, the Regimental depot and with 1 R BERKS. From the summer of 1959 he served with 1 DERR as well as being a SO3 in Ghana and also on the staff of HQ BAOR. David is survived by his wife Jean, children and grandchildren.
PETRIE Maj Nigel Petrie died on 12th January 2019. Nigel served with the DCLI, SCLI and LI before retiring with the rank of Major in 1983. He was appointed MBE following his work as a Ground Liaison Officer with the RAF in Germany. After leaving he was appointed Bursar at Epsom College and later became Mayor of Epsom. He is survived by his widow, Jutta, and their two daughters to who we send condolences.
PAUL Mr Jim died on 18th February 2018 aged 83. In 1953 as a Cadet RSM of the Hertfordshire regiment Jim participated in events at the Coronation. National Service was spent with REME and subsequently to Taunton where he joined 43rd (Inf) Div LAD REME (TA). Later he was encouraged to join the Wellington Platoon of Somerset ACF. He spent several decades with the ACF, for the majority of time as a Serjeant Major instructor and played an important role in establishing Somerset’s reputation with small-bore and full-bore shooting. A staunch member of the Taunton Branch he also ran a small ‘collectors’ business and shop in the town. Our condolences go to Jim’s wife, Phillipa.
PREWITT Maj Bob Prewitt died on 6 Feb 2019 after a coura- geous battle with Parkinson’s. Bob had been a Traffic Policeman in Herefordshire before retirement in 1994. He commanded C (LI) Company of Hereford & Worcester Army Cadet Force in the 1980s.
RICHARDSON Col Paul Martin died on 25th September 2018 aged 70. Paul joined the Army in 1966 and first served at the LI Bde Depot. Later he attended Mons and in Spring 67 was commis- sioned in to the SCLI. His first appointment as a Pl Comd was in Berlin with 1 KOYLI. Subsequently he moved to 1 LI at Ballykinler. He left the Army when his ‘S’ Type commission was complete in late 69. Having returned to the family fruit wholesaler business he joined Somerset ACF in 1984 and twenty years later was appointed Deputy Commandant, a post he held until 2010. Thereafter he succeeded Col Guest as Commandant in 2011. Paul was fully involved with many aspects of regimental life and his untimely death was a great sadness to many. Our condolences go to Mrs Mary Richardson, Paul’s widow, and the family.
ROBERTS Mr Glyn a former Cpl with 1st Glosters and member of the Association’s Forest of Dean Branch, died in late March 2019.
ROBERTSON Maj Ian was born on 22nd June 1931 and died earlier this year. He began his service with the DCLI in 1952 and served until 1969. At one time he was OC D Coy 1 DLI. His home was in Aberdeenshire.
STREATHER Lt Col Harry Reginald Anthony died 31st October 2018 aged 92. Tony began his service in the Indian Army being commissioned in to the Rajputana Rifles in 1945. Being highly adventurous he found his way into the irregular forces that maintained law and order on the Afghan border both before and after Partition. He could not ever remember being unable to ride, having ridden as a child in his father’s pommel. Thus he joined the mounted element of the Tochi Scouts, but also served with the Zhob Militia and Chitral State Scouts. After Partition he became

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