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 control. Overall, Exercise COMPLEX KAPYONG   a section attack, and operating in a Chemical,
    was a golden opportunity for the soldiers of the Second Battalion to hone their skills and get used to operating in the complex environments that have characterized military operations in the 21st Century.
Concurrently, 2 PPCLI also dispatched a section to the United Kingdom where they took part in Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL 2018. Conducted annually in the Cambrian Mountains of Wales, Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL is the British Army’s premier patrolling exercise. The exercise is open to all regular and reserve units from the UK in addition to a number of international teams. This year, 137 teams participated in the competition, with 37 of those teams coming from countries like Pakistan, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Latvia, Germany, Ukraine, The Philippines, Nepal, and Australia. On average, one out of every three teams that attempts the competition fails to complete it. The remainder who finish can be awarded a gold, silver, or bronze medal if they both finish the patrol and score well enough to earn the awards.
When the team arrived in the United Kingdom, they were graciously hosted in Bulford, UK by the Fifth Battalion of one of our Allied Regiment, The Rifles. After arriving in Bulford, team members conducted training on the British Army’s service rifle – the SA80 – while adjusting to a new time zone and conducting final kit preparations. The patrol itself took place over the course of 48 hours, covering a distance of approximately 60km while carrying a weight of 80-100lbs. Each team was evaluated on their performance at stands which tested the conduct of battle procedure, the issuance of orders, casualty care and evacuation, close target reconnaissance, a river crossing, Explosive Threat Hazardous Awareness Recognition, calling of indirect fires, armoured fighting vehicle recognition,
Biological, Radiological, or Nuclear environment. Teams were awarded points for their performance during each of the stands. At the end of the patrol, points were tallied and awards presented. This year, as a result of their performance in the compe- tition, 2 PPCLI’s team earned a silver medal, which is one of the best finishes that a Canadian team has accomplished in recent memory. The feat was made more impressive because this year’s team had a very limited window where they could prepare themselves. Their success was a tribute to the skill of the individual soldiers who made up the team, as well as the leadership of Patrol Commander, Sergeant Marc Murray and Patrol Second-in-
Command, Master Corporal Kevin Walker.
Over the course of the last year, the men and women of 2 PPCLI have worked extraordinarily hard. 2 PPCLI soldiers have performed a variety of tasks ranging from flying Canada’s Flag in the High Arctic to providing exhibits, performances, and displays across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Moreover, they have also accomplished the more important task of preparing for future operations. Members of the Second Battalion put a great deal of time and work into developing their skills through arduous competitions and live fire training. The end result is a unit that is fit, skilled, flexible, and ready for whatever challenges the New Year will bring. Although few people can tell exactly what the coming year will look like, one thing that is certain is that 2 PPCLI
ready for whatever it may bring.
 Members of 2 PPCLI pose for a photo with several Canadian Rangers around Resolute Bay, Nunavut

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