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 Combat Infanteer Course 18 – Development
It has been an extremely busy period for the   and Prowise boards to enable the instructors to
    RIFLES Training Company at The Infantry Training Centre, Catterick. Being chosen to pilot the new and improved Combat Infantry Course 18 (CIC 18) did not come without its challenges. After a long consultation period with various organisations from across the Armed Forces including the Infantry Battle School, the Royal Marine Commando Training Centre and external businesses such as Prowise (who now provide the interactive presentation boards used on CIC 18,) the RIFLES Instructors went to work on the development of the new training programme. The CIC 18 plans team, under the command of Maj Richard Jeffrey (OC RIFLES COY,) were given the aim to “fundamentally improve the attraction, relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of combat infantry training.”
Incorporating Blended Learning was central to this and has seen the introduction of the Defence Learning Environment, Virtual Learning Environment
modernise training delivery and also help cater for different learning needs. Also, tactical engagement simulation has been contracted for use during training exercises, meaning training teams now have the ability to carry out in-depth analysis at the end of section and platoon level attacks, providing effective feed-back on the effectiveness of their manoeuvres. This ultimately means that Recruits are much better prepared to join the field army.
Finally, with the distribution and issuing of the latest body armour and load carrying equipment now fully in place, every Recruit is issued with the most up to date PPE. In addition, the LMG has now been removed from the programme making way for the GPMG, NLAW and GLOCK and a challenging Advanced phase to the Infantry training, which has enabled us to achieve reinvigoration of the Dismounted Close Combat Warfighter.
WO2 Mathew Perry, CSM
 Cpl Grover leads from the front during a section attack on ATTACK EX
Rifles Regatta
The ITC Mermaid boat had a blindingly successful two days on the Isle of Wight during the annual Rifles’ Regatta. After two days of tough competition, enjoyable conditions and excellent teamwork, the ITC crew picked up the top non-battalion boat. The crew consisted of Capt C Davis (3 RIFLES,) Cpl J Sewell (2 RIFLES,) and was captained by Capt J Baldwin (1 RIFLES).
Captain Baldwin (1 RIFLES) has also found time at ITC to compete in the Army North Triathlon League which has consisted of six events spanning from Apr - Aug 19. With ITC positioned perfectly on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, it has proved the ideal training facilities to develop budding cyclists and triathletes. He finished the season taking second place in the Men’s League! Well done that man.
Sjt Nigel Hanson, Platoon Serjeant R3
The ITC football team has had an outstanding season, under the mentoring and leadership shown by WO2 Greenwood (2 RIFLES.) The Rifles Battalions were extremely well represented, with several of the team being Chosen Men from the various battalions within ITC Catterick; CSjt McMillian (2 RIFLES,) Sjt Hanson captain (5 RIFLES,) Cpl Kempster vice-captain (4 RIFLES,) Cpl Rook (2 RIFLES,) Cpl Smith (1 RIFLES,) Cpl Sheren (1 RIFLES,) Cpl Grover (2 RIFLES) and Cpl Gourley (1 RIFLES)
These Rifleman helped ITC Catterick to become the Northern League Division 1 Champions and bring the Walter Tull Memorial Trophy (Infantry cup) back to the School of Infantry, after defeating the Duke of Lancaster Regiment at the Military Stadium in Aldershot.
It was a difficult game, against a well organised opposition. 1-0 down at half time, WO2 Greenwood had his work cut out to motivate his team and turn the game around. However, with persistence and grit, the Chosen Men and their compatriots came back and scored two goals, resulting in a final score of 2-1.
Division entering the ITC, 6-aside Cup. With the added wisdom of Cpl Bridge (2 RIFLES,) and the acceleration of Cpl Brook (2 RIFLES,) the team convincingly dominated the tournament claiming victory over the Parachute Division (6-1) and defeating both the Gurkha A and B teams in the finals. In recognition of his determination and outstanding ability, Cpl Smith (1 RIFLES) was presented with player of the tournament and top goal scorer.
        The winning streak continued with the Rifles
Rifles Division ITB 6-aside cup winners

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