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Some cadets took up   Two courses, two G-Wagon Drivers Courses, One
   the opportunity to attend Royal Military College for two-week blocks of TEWT training, rehearsal and conduct. Cadets were also exposed to operations as section members or section commanders with the oppor-
tunity to shadow platoon commanders.
Exposure to larger scale Army activities such as Ex Gona, conducted by Adelaide University Regiment, was also a highlight for a large group on Monash Company trainees, providing a great opportunity for Cadets to further consolidate training in a tactical scenario of greater than
Company size.
Other training opportunities include battle
simulation scenarios such as the Tactical Combat Casualty Care facility, Indirect Fire Observer Training, enabling cadets to practice the art of All Arms Call For Fire, and Live Fire Range practices which enhance their marksmanship skills.
In house, Cadets participated in Mess life, including taking on appointments in committee positions and hosting several social functions and a Regimental Dinner.
Into the future, Monash Company is seeking to explore further diverse opportunities to enhance Army Reserve Officer trainees individual soldier skills as well as Officer skills in the limited time that is available, and are continuing to set high standards as we produce the future leaders of the Victorian Army Reserve.
Training Company, known as Rhoden Company after a notable former Commanding Officer, has been heavily engaged in the delivery of Initial Employment Training for the 2nd Division. 2019 has been a very busy year and as of July has seen the preparation and running of five Combat Arms Training Courses, two RAAC Scout Grade
Medium Rigid Drivers Course and two Infantry Module 2 courses. Combat courses include the training in weapons, radio systems and commu- nications, defensive, offensive and stability based operations.
Highlights on the courses include the live fire range days, offensive and stability full mission profiles and the PT sessions of which some are most definitely ‘character developing’. Further warrior mindsets are required during the colder months of the year where trainees are expected to construct a defensive position and conduct offensive operations in order to deny the threat’s freedom of action.
All combat courses are very different however have a similar objective – “Train hard, fight easy”. Trainees are expected to attend courses deter- mined and well prepared physically and mentally. In spite of this spirited determination, the Infantry and Cavalry Scout courses are designed to test trainee’s robustness and ability to function under pressure. The determination of some trainees should not be understated and staff recognise that many trainees demonstrate natural leadership and eagerness.
Overall Melbourne University Regiment continues to go from strength to strength being widely recognised as delivery quality training in a cost effective and safety conscious manner. From the Regiment to all members of The Rifles, best wishes and good soldiering.

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