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    Cliff climbing in Bize
September 2018 saw members of B Coy deploy alongside 42 Commando, Royal Marines on Ex ALBANIAN LION, and then join 2nd Albanian Infantry Battalion on their NATO readiness Ex CREVAL. Based in Bize in the mountains to the northeast of Tirana, two weeks with 42 Cdo RM included mountain movement, navigation, abseiling and ‘vertical assault’, and lessons on survival and foraging. The indisputable highlight was summiting the highest peak in the region. After what felt like an extraordinary number of false summits and shouts of ‘polite’ encouragement from the NCOs, the platoon made it to the top, although en route, Sjt Ray was caught wrangling an Adder he had found in one of the crevasses between the rock. The vertical assault day started with hill sprints and a safety brief. Soon Riflemen were ascending a cliff before traversing
S Coy
This year, S Coy’s OC has been a welcome guest to the Bn from the R IRISH and has made a massive constructive impact on S Coy, with immense interpersonal skills and the gifted ability to elicit the darkest secrets
from every Rfn. We hope he sees the Light and transfers full time.
S Coy conducted their Platoon specialist cadres during Autumn 18 to ensure currency was refreshed for the remainder of our tenure on NATO readiness, and to preserve long term capability for after Op TORAL.
Maj Ben Cox
OC S Coy
Royal Irish Rifles Swift a ballagh
around the rock face. The route was 60 feet up at its highest with a sheer drop below. Then came the abseil, starting immediately with an overhang. The platoon also did low level ‘green’ skills over arduous terrain and conducted a live section attack.
Ex CREVAL then commenced working alongside the Albanians. Temperatures plummeted from 10 to -5 degrees at night, as a conventional harbour was established, before a 0200 step off for Orders at an RV from the “Cobra Coy” Commander. The main task was to provide fire support to a battlegroup advance and assault. This required deconfliction and situational awareness on unfamiliar ground. The final days saw the platoon enjoy some rest and recuperation in Durres.
Lt Callum Shorland
OC 6 Pl, B Coy
        OC S Coy undercover
Here be bears
The epic Pl hike on Ex ALBANIAN LION

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