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  Assault Pioneer and Bugles
We ran a 14 week in house Bugle cadre under the instruction of Cpl Koen. This took the new members from zero to hero learning all regimental daily calls, fanfares, some marches and of course the famous ‘High on a Hill’. Meanwhile the more senior buglers continued various courses such as basic boat operators, chainsaw operators and the plant course as well as continuing to support the regimental bugle tasks. These are the bonuses to be being a bugler! Rfn Phillips and LCpl Craddock got treated to three weeks away in 5 star hotels in various locations such as Georgia. It also saw bugle tasks in support of the regimental band for the Riflemen’s reunion in London as well as support to 6 RIFLES’ band and bugles on their tour of Cyprus; unfortunately they did not require a Bugle Major so I was left behind to keep the ball rolling back at home.
The platoon enjoyed a well-deserved summer leave before rolling straight into the Regimental ‘strike cadre’ which saw the assault pioneers from 1,2 and 5 RIFLES congregate on the south coast of Kent, AKA Hythe ranges. This cadre further built on the success of the ‘ISTAR PIONEERS’ ideal concentrating on close quarter marksmanship and building clearance using mechanical and explosive methods of entry. The cadre then moved to Wyke Regis camp in Weymouth for a week to cover the basic skills of Assault pioneering such as water purification and mine warfare. Although the cadre was demanding the feedback was very good, or so they tell me. The last week of September saw the full platoon achieve the civilian qualification as powerboat level 2 operators; to this day I still don’t know how I managed to blag this for free.
Lastly after all the fun we switched focus in October to getting ourselves ready for the regimental bugle concentration held at Sir John Moore barracks in Winchester. This was an intense two weeks that saw all the Platoon hitting the parade square day and night until the parade was perfect. When not on the parade square we were in the practice room constantly playing until our lips bled. But all the hard work payed off and we walked away as champion Platoon and having LCpl Carter win the Perryman award for the bugler
showing the most promising abilities. This was the second year running that the platoon has won both awards and yes I did drop my cane during the parade. There was little time to celebrate before the platoon took part in the 1 RIFLES in-house competition which saw Rfn Phillips claim the top prize as CO’s bugler, narrowly beating LCpl Walton who won Adjt’s bugler, and in third place Rfn Collings won the RSM’s bugler.
So now we look forward to the future as we focus fully on Op TORAL 8 so until next year good luck all and we will see if we can make it three years running as champion bugle platoon.
Sjt Lewis Bugle Major
Assault Pioneer (Bugle) Platoon in action, rafting
1 RIFLES entered two patrols in October’s Ex CAMBRIAN PATROL, from Support Coy and a composite from the Rifle Coys. The Rifle Coy team consisted of Lt Burnett the patrol commander, Cpl Fenton the 2IC with LCpl Stuart (A Coy) and Riflemen Bowen (A Coy), Robinson (B Coy), Wood, Kendall, and Mellor (all C Coy). The team experienced some of the worst of the traditional wet Welsh weather. The Riflemen’s attitude and profession- alism carried them through the stands and phases, earning them the first gold medal. The Support Coy team achieved a silver medal. Both awards represent a great achievement for those involved, with two of the Riflemen going on to successfully complete the 5 RIFLES JNCO Cadre shortly after- wards, the competition was evidently good development for all.
1 RIFLES also hosted teams from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and the Dutch Marines (one of our NATO VJTF(L) Coys). On the Uzbeks’ arrival to the UK they were hosted by 1 RIFLES and stayed at Beachley Barracks. They were supported throughout their stay by the STTT 2IC, Cpl Hamblett, who was able to run another form of PDT which included weapon skills, kit issue and extra med serials which could not be covered in Uzbekistan. This set the Uzbeks up for success when deploying onto the patrol. The Uzbeks’ hard work, grit and determination produced a gold medal for the team. They were over the moon with the result and were given a hero’s welcome on their return to Uzbekistan!
Lt Andy Burnett OC 5 Pl, B Coy

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