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    Supporting Air Reaction Force training in the MFNDU
Pte Katy Parrott (6 RIFLES) mid-DANCON march
   Preparing the FHDs for a late- night G4 run
 Securing ANAOA VIPs
critical when we are isolated from the rest of the city. The QRF role provides a useful change with the Coy regularly called upon to stand up in support of Ops that occur in the city and the planning cycles provide commanders with an excellent opportunity to improve their combat estimate.
Outside the regular rotation, the QFPC also provides support for more deliberate Ops. Within the first month of deployment the QFPC have secured an ANAOA graduation ceremony, facilitated KLEs with Warlords and Police District Commanders, provided intimate protection for a national ANA training conference of 500 people, as well as conducting numerous patrols throughout the Kabul AO.
Camp life itself is extremely comfortable, leading to the oft-heard refrain of “this is much nicer than Beachley...” We might not get the free cans of pop that other locations get but the international nature of QAA means that there are plenty of competitions, with the inevitable volleyball, triathlon, military skills tests and a fiercely contested QAA football World Cup (won by the legendary A Coy G4 team).
In May the DANCON march took place, with 83 participants completing the 25km in uniform with a 10kg backpack or body armour. The event is all about showing physical readiness, willpower and stamina with fellow soldiers and comrades from all over the world. The event will be remembered for two things: the massive rain showers that kept the participants well hydrated, and a new Camp Qargha record set by WO2 Farrell, CSM for QFPC. He completed the march in 2 hours 22 minutes and 20 seconds, beating the former holder by almost 15 minutes.
Although Op TORAL 8 is different to the previous Afghanistan deployments of Op HERRICK, this operation continues to provide Riflemen and junior commanders with a fantastic opportunity to develop themselves in an environment that still holds a viable threat to life. With nearly half the tour complete the Coy have risen to the challenge and are looking forward to the rest of the tour.
Maj James McCarthy OC A Coy
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