Page 42 - The Rifles Bugle Autumn 2019
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    B Coy with CAV and carbines during PDT
LFTT in Lydd during a glorious week of weather in Feb 19
     Cpl Pogo and Sjt Ray sporting their Cigar Club smoking jackets
Lt Burnett failed to enjoy the ‘casevac drag on concrete’ experience
The Kabul Security Force Headquarters Resolute Support Force Protection Coy (KSF HQ RS FP Coy) consists of two platoons from B Coy, including an S Coy multiple, and an Estonian platoon. The Coy is located in HQ RS, co-located with the famous ‘yellow building’, which has been at the heart of ISAF and NATO operations for so long. The Coy operates in the centre of Kabul, conducting Advisor Force Protection (AFP) missions inside the Green Zone (GZ). Covering only a modest footprint, the GZ includes the international district, and the ‘Afghan zone’, incorporating the Presidential Palace and several ministries, most notably the Ministry of Defence (MOD).
The Coy provides Advisor Force Protection (AFP), to civilian and military advisors conducting the Train, Advise, and Assist (TAA) mission in support of the Government, the President’s councils and MOD as they continue to improve their governance and their leadership of the security forces. The Coy’s role, providing safe movement and security for these advisors, is directly enabling operational level
outputs during a critical time for the country’s peace talks. Despite running at a high tempo, the daily interactions with high-level advisors and the Minis- terial level meetings, has helped the company to stay motivated.
There is no such thing as an average day in HQ RS, because every day seems to engage us with fresh challenges. However, orders for the next day’s patrols are issued in the evening by platoon commanders, comms and vehicles collected and checked, all whilst dodging Cpl Chisholm’s terrible banter as he tries to dominate the centre of the Ops room. From then on, patrol commanders (Rfn-Cpl) are under their own direction, usually waking up early to link up for the task. The advisor is given a detailed security brief before being taken to their meeting location within the Green Zone, protected during the meeting, then returned to HQ RS. The Riflemen quickly adjusted to commanding their own patrols, under the mentoring of their Pl Commanders and Serjeants. The rank disparity between the patrol commander and the mentors are so large that there

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