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     Colourful Kabul
Curious Kabul children
Life in New Kabul Compound (NKC)
C Coy with supporting elements from S Coy, have found their home for Op TORAL 8 within the bustling city of Kabul. Based within New Kabul Compound, they find themselves working along many other nations providing Advisor Force Protection (AFP) across the capital. When not conducting AFP, multiples also provide a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) for any Coalition or Entitled Persons who require immediate assistance in a variety of situations. This is most frequently recov- ering broken/damaged vehicles. However it can extend to evacuating individuals from high profile attacks and responding to IED strikes on Coalition nations, and generally providing support to them as they go about conducting their own missions to the outskirts of the Kabul Area of Operations (AO).
In our main role of force protection, we are provided a brilliant opportunity for multiples (half platoons) to work independently across the city. With the responsibility of the protection for advisors delegated down to all JNCOs. This command gives them the chance to push themselves and thrive. Furthermore, it provides newly qualified Platoon Commanders and Platoon Serjeants the ability to test their planning and execution in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, as they slowly rack up an ever increasing tally of AFP missions. This has created an unexpected level of competition between the multiples. Within the first month of the 1 RIFLES deployment, a record of AFPs being achieved across the city was set - over 120 AFPs conducted in a single day. However crucially, commanders and Riflemen are given a rare chance to work and bond together on operations; something which is greatly valued.
honing our Close Quarter Battle ability. The oppor- tunity is there to spend hard earned money in the local shops within the Bazaar of NKC; purchasing customised Rifles merchandise from carpets, to mugs, T-shirts and flags. The superb gym facil- ities and Wi-Fi reaching everyone’s bed spaces leaves few Riflemen wanting to return to Beachley Barracks in any hurry. The Wi-Fi provides a crucial connection to loved ones back in the UK, predom- inantly made up of organising what their next care package should contain in the weekly post. Competition is one of the best tools for cohesion and bonding, which has led to a highly charged volleyball competition between teams from the multiples and Coy HQ. The company also lays on shooting competitions for the BHQ and HQ Coy elements who support and run the Kabul Security Force, which we in the Kabul Protection Unit fall under.
Commander Op RESOLUTE SUPPORT General Austin (Scott) Miller and Comd SM Metheny visited New Kabul Compound (NKC) on 7 Apr 19. He was surprised to be e-mailed about R&R flights by the Det Comd in May (as she mis-fired from a ctl-k search for a different Austin) but he was genuinely pleased with his gift of a Rifles T-shirt.
Op TORAL 8 is an amazing opportunity for 1 RIFLES, and especially us in NKC 2 Coy. For many this is their first deployment, whilst for some of the old and bold, this is just another operational tour in Afghanistan, although being used in a very different role and location from the Op HERRICK days. Hopefully, we are doing the regiment proud and are constantly striving to maintain that thinking Rifleman ethos whilst deployed. All whilst preparing for a post tour busy battalion FOE and important adventure training across a variety of activities. First we have our post operational tour leave and Christmas to look forward to!
Lt Chris Horne
When not out on missions, the steady daily beat
of life within New Kabul Compound continues,
providing an unusually wide range of activities.
From comedy and music shows from outside
charities, to weekly use of the highly sought after
skills house for training guardian angels and   OC 8 Pl, C Coy
  Despite the numerous parking formations taught, sometimes space and the Afghans will dictate!

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