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 HQ Coy / Rear Operations Group (ROG)
The Rear Operations Group (ROG) for OP TORAL   demonstration troops and public order training.
   formed under the measured head of Major Leo Sayer in February 2019. An initial grouping of more than 260 Rfn has been whittled under the watchful all-seeing eyes of ROG Adjt, Capt Scott Edwards to a more ROG like 150. As well as providing the guard for Beachley and supporting the families of those Rfn deployed we have been committed to numerous tasks. These have included Regimental tasks, 160 Bde SETT tasks, Defence Engagement, Community engagement and support to UK Opera- tions.
Rfn from ROG have participated in two notable Regimental events in France. Firstly, they partici- pated in the WW1 Battle of Arras commemoration on 9 Apr 18. This also included the emotional task at a service on 10 Apr 19 of laying Pte Burt (from the Duke of Cornwall’s LI) to rest near where he fell in 1916. Pte Burt’s 89-year-old nephew was present at the ceremony and was presented with the Union flag and some of Pte Burt’s personal possessions. Riflemen from the ROG were fortunate to participate in the RHQ organised Normandy ’75 Commemo- rations. 20 Rfn under the command of Sjt Claridge formed up at 5 RIFLES to deploy to Normandy. Over the course of 6 days our riflemen participated in battlefield tours, commemoration parades and support tasks in what was widely regarded as a fantastic exposure to what our forbearers sacrificed for the Country.
On the defence engagement front LCpl Read competed in the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) Best Soldier competition 23-27 Apr. It proved to be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience with both LCpl Read and his 1 Royal Irish travelling companion more than holding their own against many Special Forces soldiers. 2Lt Tomlinson, Cpl Harris and Rfn Davies provided Regimental representation at Queen’s Birthday Parades in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Finally, Cpl Taylor and his section deployed to support Ex STEPPE EAGLE in Kazakhstan in June. The section provided low level training teams,
Cpls Taylor, Brightman and Steyn leaned into the task in true RIFLES spirit and should be congratu- lated on their performance.
Community engagement has also featured with two parades. 20 riflemen under the guidance of CSM Goodwin supported 6 RIFLES in their Freedom of Truro parade on the 27th April. We also provided 10 riflemen for Freedom Parades in Hereford and Leominster on the 29th June, again marching alongside 6 RIFLES.
We have managed to maintain some Battle Craft Skills with 8 members of the ROG travelling to Wathgill camp for the 1 Div OSC in May. The team comprised of 2Lt Ben Tomlinson, LCpl Green, LCpl Flegg, Rfn Knibbs, Rfn Matthews, Rfn Warry, Rfn Duggan and Rfn Stevens and placed 9th in 1 Div. Whilst this initially appears to be a disappointing result, it should be noted that a handful of our opponents had been practising at Wathgill for longer than 4 members of the team have been in battalion! As such, the competition provided an excellent insight into competitive shooting and has certainly prompted an interest in further events amongst the newer riflemen.
As well as these tasks ROG is also busy preparing an Enduring Training Team to deploy to Nigeria to deliver training at the Nigeria Army School of Infantry. The team of 25 under the command of Capt Josh Lee and CSM Goodwin will deploy for 4 months in August under the British Military Advisory Training Team (Nigeria) to support the training of Nigerian Army units.
In all a very busy period for the ROG. At the half way point we draw breath and look forward to some summer leave rotations in preparation for the start of the OP TORAL RIP. We also look forward
to supporting Ex Cambrian Patrol and entering a competing team in the Autumn. Maj Mark Strutt
Laying Pte Burt (from the Duke of Cornwall’s LI) to rest near where he fell in 1916, at a service on 10 Apr 19
 Rfn from ROG participate
in the WW1 Battle of Arras commemoration on 9 Apr 18

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