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QM’s Dept
In the G4 world time flies by and before you are finishing one deployment / exercise you are preparing for the next. This past year at 1 RIFLES has been just that, with the G4 team putting in the extra hours to ensure that every Rifleman that goes through the front gate is in good order. To date the team has supported five overseas Company Exercises, S Company specialist cadres, UK Standby Battalion, Ex Cambrian Patrol, keeping Beachley Barracks infrastructure in shape, assistance on the MRXs at Caerwent, preparing the Battalion for Op TORAL and the deployment.
In early spring we welcomed CSjt “Mac” McClean in to the G1098 post, once he had his four weeks’ relocation leave from Bulford! I don’t know what the description was on the job role he was given but he thought he was on a 3 day week, anyway he is into the swing of things now and for some reason is always in the archive store! Before summer leave Cpl Phelps organised a department day out at the indoor go-cart racing in Newport which we all enjoyed, it was his turn to choose the event – only two sports he is good at mountain biking and go-karting! Funny old thing he was a pro and came first by two laps.
Once the Battalion had received their orders for Op TORAL 8 for a deployment in Mar 19 the G4 machine and subject matter experts started working to ensure we had the correct equipment for pre-deployment training and the mission. This is a mammoth task as every Rifleman would be issued a summer clothing pack and VIRTUS (Personal Protective Equipment and Load Carriage System) which is individually sized; this is to ensure it provides the protection it is designed for. This clothing pack demand was led by SSgt Dave Clarke and Sjt “Doghead” Coupland, they worked long hours to provide the clothing demand and were also supported by the RLC team that is embedded with the QM’s department, providing specialist logistical advice and dealing with all critical demands and tracking of equipment.
QM(T) Pat Hyde MC and all of the G4 team deployed to support Exercise Cambrian Patrol; this was over four weeks in Sennybridge Camp and on the training area, as ever rescuing soldiers who may have been lost, and vehicles stuck on the side of the road. There have been some personality changes during the past year; we have said farewell to Pat, who is now at ICSC and replaced by Capt Owen Mitchell who is relishing being back in a G4 role. RQ(T) Joey McCutcheon moved on to be 1 RIFLES RSM and has now commissioned as the Rifleman’s Adjt. He has now been replaced by RQ(M) WO2 Lee Jones as RSM, who has handed over to WO2 Ian Sweet, who we welcome back to Bn.
The majority of the QM’s department are deployed on Op TORAL 8 until Oct 19, based out of two locations in Kabul (HKIA and Camp Qargha). The team will support all Op TORAL operations throughout the six month deployment. This is a multi-national effort and the relationships and experiences that we will build with other nations will be priceless for future operations. By the time this article goes to print I will have handed over to Maj Steve Tisbury and moved on to 6 RIFLES as the XO, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the G4 team at 1 RIFLES for supporting me during my tenure as the QM. It has been a privilege and a pleasure.
Maj Taff Evans QM
   QM sustaining the Bn 24/7; fixing drains
Former RQs: WO1 Jones takes over as RSM from WO1 (now Capt) McCutcheon
   Cpl Phelps winning the go-karting event he had organised

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