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 Corporals’ Mess
The Corporals’ Mess has had a complete committee handover, with Cpl De Silva taking over as PMC and Cpl Whiffin stepping up as Vice PMC. In Summer 2018 a Viking theme night was held in the Mess, with members dressing up in a variety of themed costumes. The night included axe and spear throwing, archery, crossbows, fire dancers, a live band and a hog roast. A few of the night’s highlights were; LCpl Simpson turning up with a home (block) made outfit and Cpl Reddish (RAMC) winning the eating event by devouring a pigs’ ear and trotter in rapid succession.
Building on from where the previous PMC (Cpl Kenny) left off, the Mess building has been painted inside with Regimental colours across two walls. A beer and burger night was held in the Mess to get the Mess members together for a long overdue social and to finish off the decorating process. LCpl Coles as the newest member of the Mess had the honour
Cpls’ Mess Winter party
of hanging the first picture in the newly decorated Mess. Both B and C Companies used the Mess to hold pre-Christmas Company regimental dinner nights, giving aspiring Rfn an insight into the Mess and gaining an understanding of Mess etiquette.
The Corporals’ Mess then entered a quiet period, with the majority of the Mess members conducting PDT for TORAL 8. Cpl Gareth Williams, PEC, used this time to plan the winter function. The function was held in a marquee within the Battalion gym, which was converted to a winter wonderland. The Mess members had the opportunity to don their mess dress and ball gowns for a full three course meal. The night included a singer and raffle with prizes ranging from Christmas hampers to Garmin watches. Some of the older and bolder Mess members made full use of the free alcohol provided, and continued the festivities in the Mess building itself right up until the curfew imposed by the RSM...
With the majority of the committee and Mess members deployed, Cpl Whiffin, VPMC, is heading up the Mess, and is planning a games night against the WOs’ and Sjts’ Mess. Followed by another with the Officers’ Mess and then the winter function for when the battalion returns, so a busy time for the VPMC!
Cpl De Silva
Cpls’ Mess PMC & Trg Wing NCO
        Cpls’ Mess Viking night
   number of games to entertain all guests held within the Mess. The event was a huge success.
The Christmas function was again held within the Mess and ran by the RAWO WO2 S Lalley. The evening consisted of a Casino Royale theme. It had a fantastic live band, was an absolute success and is still spoken about to date.
The Mess also found the time to run a Fathers and Sons weekend, comprising of live ranges at the Beachley Barracks 25m Range, Support Company stands and basic field craft stands ran by those attending the weekend. The Saturday night of the weekend was a regimental dinner night. This was run by myself and the RSM, and finished nicely with a Bugle display in the true fashion of a dinner night for our honoured guests.
Within this busy period the Mess has seen two RSMs come and go with WO1 R Marriott leaving in Spring 2018 and WO1 McCutcheon taking over. He was not to hold the seat for very long, and has now moved on to greener pastures as the Rifleman’s Adjt. He handed over the reins to WO1 L Jones, who
The summer Mestival
had previously been the RQMS in 1 RIFLES, who is well set to move the Mess forward on returning from TORAL 8. The plans are being put in place for Mess improvements and the much anticipated regimental history night, Bn Boxing hosting, and the Christmas function all in December.
WO2 Wilmott
PMC WOs’ & Sjts’ Mess and CSM C Coy
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