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 British Army Warrior Fitness
As both the Battalion’s British Army Warrior   tirelessly dedicated her time and knowledge to the
Fitness representative and the 51 Brigade Regional Secretary for the sport, I have witnessed a multitude of positive developments over the last year. The sport (perhaps known more widely as ‘CrossFit’) continues to flourish and the increase in participation across Scotland is notable. With this growth came the introduction of additional regional events.
The concept of a “Battle Buddies” event, held at 3 RIFLES, proved particularly successful as a pre-season competition and enabled the formation of numerous new teams entering the 2019 Regional League. League Event One was also hosted by 3 RIFLES, which saw an increase of five teams participating from the previous season. The increase in participation led to a rise in competition, and the fight for points and leader board positions were closer than ever. With 3 RIFLES now establishing a male, female and masters team, it was clear that they were all eager to display their abilities and the advances they had made, both as individuals and as a team.
Event Two took place at 2 SCOTS, Glencorse and proved particularly demanding in assessing multiple facets of fitness in the most demanding of workouts, reducing many competitors to a state of physical turmoil. Whilst not every event went to plan for the 3 RIFLES teams, the array of events throughout the day GAVE them the leverage to claw back some points, proving that versatility in fitness is key. The Captain of the 3 RIFLES female team, Sgt
Sanderson continued to
tirelessly drive her team to
their physical capacity and
development of her AGC detachment teammates. Event Three saw us take BAWF further north than ever previously done and teams descended on Fort George for a day of stiff competition. As the league events began to unfold it became more evident that the teams’ robustness, durability and physical abilities far surpassed those of previous years and their knowledge of each other’s strengths and weaknesses were more readily understood, providing them with an evidence- based method of how to attack each element of competition. LCpl Fleming continued to anchor the Battalion’s male team and it was evident that this team of physical training instructors were
forging a good bond.
With the Regional events coming to an end
and the leader board scores closer than ever, the teams regrouped at Dreghorn for the final event - one to be remembered not only for its physical demands but also the opportunity to reflect on the successes throughout the season and the positive developments made as an individual and as a team. Following a hard-fought battle, the results were finalised. The hard work and dedication throughout the year led to the Battalion’s male and female teams qualifying for a position at the Army finals in the summer.
The teams now enjoy a short period of rest before they reset and begin preparations for the Army finals; an event that will see yet another increase in competition and the opportunity to be challenged amongst some of the Army’s very best teams.
SSgt Josh Shackleton RAPTC IC BAWF
   3 RIFLES BAWF team – some call them the next Westlife

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