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                                 Ex DRAGON REMEC
  In 2016, REMEC deployed to a remote and mountainous region of East Greenland to explore and climb. The expedition sought to develop the planning and risk management skills, teamwork,
personal courage and character of the Royal Engineers personnel by safely conducting an arduous mountaineering expedition in an austere environment. Not only were mountaineering objectives for the experienced instructors required, there was also emphasis on qualifying novice personnel in AMF and RSF during the expedition. In addition to mountaineering, the Danish Geological Society requested that the expedition collect rock samples for future scientific research.
The expedition consisted of 24 Royal Engineers and one Royal Army Medical Corps NCO and ranged from experienced mountaineer to relative novice. During the planning and risk assessment
stages it became clear that a significant period of prior training and preparation would be needed to ensure that every member of the team would be capable of safely operating in this austere environment for several weeks. Due to the isolated nature of the location, casualty evacuation could take a much greater length of time than one might expect in an operational theatre, so much of the expedition training focussed on contingency planning, avoiding likely hazards and dealing with accidents. The training weeks in Scotland and Wales were vital for the team to conduct medical and rescue training; discuss risk management and decision making skills; ROC drill ‘actions-on’; and pack and prepare the kit and equipment.
The expedition aimed to deploy to a remote and unexplored area of East Greenland. Most of East Greenland falls into this category, so

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