Page 9 - 2016 AMA Autumn
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                                   The tutoring responsibility was then passed to Norwegian Captain Vibeke Sefland from the School of Winter Warfare. She provided a further few days of invaluable training tweaked to the unique challenges faced by women in the field, including the sharing of a number of tips gleaned from her decades of experience both as a mountaineer and as a cold weather specialist. Her enthusiasm was infectious.
After the conclusion of the second phase of the trip, the expedition leaders had to make several difficult decisions regarding who would be brought forward to the next round of the selection process. Ten of the twenty women, plus two in reserve, from across the rank structure were chosen to progress to Exercise Ice Ready in November 2016.
Upon returning to the UK, the group had further administrative tasks to complete and those progressing to the next round engaged with the Army Media Team and began to plan their forthcoming training weekends which will include a mountain marathon, tuition in navigation and kit and equipment repair, crevasse training, tyre hauling, further team bonding and a much anticipated introduction to roller skiing.
All of the women would like to extend their thanks to the AMA for the invaluable support generously offered to the expedition.

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