Page 11 - Kettering Festival of Literature 2023
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 Fuller Church
Join David Laing as he reads some
of his poetry. David lives in Grafton Underwood in the heart of beautiful Northamptonshire, so it is not hard to understand why he is inspired to write, something he has done since a serious car crash in 2005. He has developed a unique style that he describes as ‘painting with words’ that convey an image to be absorbed and retained by the reader.
Douglas Goddard traces the life and work of Denys Watkins-Pitchford. Known as BB, he described his life as
a Northamptonshire countryman in the books that he wrote and illustrated on field sports and the countryside. He also created fiction and poetry, and was an accomplished observer, naturalist, commentator and conservationist.
Rev Graham Bell will read the poetry of Joseph Goodson, a founder member
of the Kettering Poetry Group and recognised by International Who’s Who in Poetry for ‘distinguished contributions’. J L Carr said of him, ‘We have a poet in the true tradition.’ Artist and poet Nina Steane praised his ‘richness of language . . . that will survive the passage of time.’
Kettering-born best-selling author Annie Ireson’s trilogy of historical family sagas is based on the Jeffcoat family, whose patriarch Tom was a boot and shoe factory work and founder member of Kettering Pensioners’ Parliament. Tom and Elizabeth Jeffcoat lived in Cornwall Road, Kettering, and were Annie’s great- grandparents.
Fuller Church History Museum will be open 10.00–4.00

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