Page 4 - Kettering Festival of Literature 2023
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Cornmarket Hall Rothwell & Geddington Rooms
Artist, author and designer Jenni Robson will talk about her children’s books
and her journey into the world of self- publishing. There will be insights into the lessons learnt, the highs, the challenges and how she promotes her work. Jenni has written, illustrated and published an easy-to-learn rhyming picture book, The Chestnut Tree, written for children aged 3–5 and those with learning difficulties, and Alex and The Very Peculiar Mr Squibbins, mysterious tales of adventure and silliness for 7–8-year-olds.
Aimed at 7–12-year-olds, award-winning author Megan Rix will be joined by her golden retrievers Freya and Ellie, as
she talks about her children’s books. The event will focus on her four Second World War books and include stories of brave, real-life animals and Q&A session.
In ‘Crime and Horror’, Michael J
Richards presents an hour’s entertaining exploration of what goes into a successful crime book. Whether it’s a whodunnit, a story about a serial killer or a true crime biography, he suggests it must have five elements. He says similar vital parts apply to horror.
Aimed at 4–7-year-olds (and their parents), join Monica Withrington and her dare-angels with tales of dare and danger. Do you like doing stunts on your bike, when you might just fall off? Are you the one who tries to climb higher up that tree than anyone else? Are you a daredevil? You might be. Come along and find out!

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