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Regional Security Exercise 1 – Poland
Lt Cdr Sue Seagrave
As winter gloom settled over Shrivenham, morale was lifted as details of Regional Security Exercise 1 (RSE1) were released. Comparing notes
with our colleagues headed to other destinations, the consensus was ‘team Poland’ had definitely dipped in with our allocation, especially as
there were no parades. The overarching aim of RSE1 is to analyse how strategic choices are made in a different country. In support of this, on return to the college, we would be required to deliver a back-brief to the other syndicates in order for us to learn from each other’s experiences and contrast different European security perspectives.
As a security precaution, we were advised that we should avoid travelling in dress that would identify us
as military personnel. So, on a cold dark morning, an intrepid flock of cormorants mustered in their finest incognito ‘50 shades of tweed’ attire. Frankly, it was the most uniform that the Army had looked all term. On arrival in Krakow we were whisked to the Air Museum of Poland where we received a Polish viewpoint on the country’s history from the British Honorary Consul. As an added bonus, we got to see far more actual planes than on ACPV (though sadly no operational laundry unit). For many it was
   Frankly, it
was the most uniform that the
Army had looked all term. ◆◆◆

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