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Land Combat Power Visit Wg Cdr Bryn Kirby
ON 23-24 OCTOBER 2018, the students of ACSC 22 attended the excellent Land Combat Power Visit on Salisbury Plain Training
Area. Hosted by the men and women of 3rd (UK) Division, the event was timed to consolidate the Land Capabilities phase of
the course through demonstrations of the Army’s function in the contemporary operating environment.
The 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review set out an ambitious plan for the Army, requiring
a Warfighting Division to fight against a “peer”
or “peer+” adversary, together with an agile and adaptable fighting force. An opening brief from General Officer Commanding 3rd (UK) Division, Major General Borton, set out this challenge before
  The scalable
and modular Command Posts
students were dispatched around Copehill Down Village – an urban operations training facility – to meet personnel and interact with equipment across
5 themes: Command and Control, Deep Operations, Close Operations, Sustainment and Force Development. The scalable and modular Command Posts showed how the fight could be conducted from various locations in and out of the battlespace, whilst the display of Find and Strike capabilities which comprise Deep Operations enabled students to
interact with a range of equipment and receive briefs from operators on how they each contributed to impacting the enemy’s ability and will to fight.
What brought the sheer scale of divisional warfighting to life was the Protected Sustainment Stand, led by 101 Logistics Brigade. Providing a detailed account of exactly what is required to sustain a division of approximately 31,000 personnel, the figures were staggering, including the need for some 13,200
 showed how the fight could be conducted... ◆◆◆

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