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 We quickly realised that the students of the Spanish course were due to hand in their Masters theses on the first full day of the planning effort – good planning. The students of the Escuela Superior de las Fuerzas Armadas were, however, fantastic hosts and ensured that we all settled in quickly to their battle rhythm.
Each of the JOPGs integrated well, with a variety
of students from the Spanish, Italian, German,
and UK Defence Academies allowing for some fascinating discussion over the myriad issues emerging, but always in a collegiate manner. Some students went above and beyond, and whilst not wishing to embarrass anyone, one RAF Officer in particular pretended to be on a real Op by refusing to sleep throughout the exercise, utilising a variety of establishments to aid his dedication.
Strong friendships were made both in the syndicate rooms and the bars of Madrid as the students
from all four Academies embraced the exercise wholeheartedly.

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