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HOW DO YOU SUM up ACSC22 in a few words? From the first awkward syndicate room activities to the last emotional farewells;
long hours in the Cormorant Hall and the library; service dinners and sports competitions; overseas visits, from France and
Belgium to Brazil and Nigeria; it has been a year so full of activity that it is hard to distil it into just a few pages. But this is what we have tried to do.
There are some themes that run throughout this magazine. With international students making up
over 40% of the course and Brexit in the news, we had planned to take Internationalism as a theme. However, it would have been harder to produce a magazine without an international flavour. Whether
it was the contribution of international students and staff, the overseas visits or the global theme of most of the lectures, ACSC is truly international by design.
The other theme that stands out is people. It was rare that articles were submitted with photos of buildings or landmarks; it was always the people who had shared those experiences that the contributors wanted to capture. As ACSC recedes behind us,
it is the friendships we have made that will endure longest, and this is the spirit that we wanted to capture in the Cormorant Magazine.
is people. ◆◆◆ “
Trying to include the experiences of everyone into
a short publication is always a challenge, and I am grateful to all the contributors who found time to squeeze out another few hundred words in between essays and DRPs. Most of all I would like to thank the editorial team: Rasmus Andersen, Pete Barfoot, Sarah Brewin, Stu Cantellow, Bryn Kirby, Nick London, Will Meddings, Helena Ramsden, Keith Slack and Chris Wright.
For the Honorary Cormorants and ACSC graduates reading this, I hope that this reassures you that
the spirit of ACSC is alive and well. And for the Cormorants of ACSC22, I offer this as a reminder of the year at Shrivenham and all the experiences we shared.
Cdr Rebecca Warren
     The other theme
that stands out

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