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Regional Security Exercise 2 –
Capability & Acquisition Module (Sweden and Denmark) Wg Cdr Chris Wright
SWEDEN AND DENMARK WERE the chosen destinations for the Regional Security Exercise for the Capability & Acquisition
module, as their strategic and political situations lead to defence procurement challenges that contrast and compare well with
those of the UK and many of the nations represented on ACSC 22.
The course members enjoyed an evening in Stockholm, including visiting the original ‘Ice Bar,’ before being treated to a privileged tour of the Royal
Palace and the Changing of the Guard, all hosted by the Deputy Commandant of the Palace. The Swedish Royal family had their political power removed in 1975 but retained the position of Head of State and now only use the Palace for state occasions in the many impressive rooms.
Monday brought a visit to the Swedish Defence University, which has evolved over 200 years into a forward-thinking centre of civil and military defence studies with 900 full-time students. The welcome address by the Acting Commandant covered internationally recognised qualifications, ‘optional’ attendance and online lectures and seminars, all things at the centre of their adult learning strategy. The University is currently adapting to increased
numbers of students as the military changes from a limited, discretionary, and expeditionary force to a larger force charged with increasing its sovereign defence capabilities. Importantly, Sweden’s non- alignment to military alliances endures as the strategic foundation of its international policy.
The Deputy Head of Mission from the British Embassy continued this theme, expanding on shared challenges such as climate change, ageing populations, and the need for up-skilling populations. Presentations followed from Deputy Head of Military Capability and from the Defence Material Administration (FMV) who stressed their focus on minimizing time for equipment to enter service.
    The Swedish
Royal family had their political
power removed in 1975... ◆◆◆

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