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    2500 years ago, not to mention the contributions to history, art and culture by such characters as Homer, Plato, Thucydides, Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides, (the list goes your heart out Ends module!). We were also lucky enough to be hosted by the Greek Navy at the famous Salamis Naval Base outside Athens. Although over 75%
of the defence budget is spent on pay and pensions, which is reflected in the Navy’s equipment and reduced out of area operational tempo, they have a very capable modern submarine force. They see a reliance on international
law and investment in alliances such
as NATO as essential to their national security.
The team also looked at modern initiatives within industry such as a farm cooperative in Corinth, where digital systems are able to accurately monitor and forecast climate change, increase yields and reduce risk of crop failure. We toured the new Stavros Niarchos cultural centre in Piraeus, where one
of the world’s leading philanthropic
organisations has created an impressive public library, opera and arts centre which has been immensely popular to Athenians.
ACSC’s Greek Odyssey was a fabulous tour through the ages from enjoying the baklava of old Athens to the Herculean task of tasting wine in Namea. It was clear that the country is rebounding from its recent woes and hopefully will be a repeat RSE location for future courses.
  Formed in 2000, Nova Systems is an independent professional services provider skilled in aviation and maritime capability assurance, including test and evaluation, planning and conduct of sea trials, combat and platform systems engineering, system safety, certification, human factors, seaworthiness, acquisition and sustainment logistics, ship/helicopter integration, project assurance, risk and controls. Nova Systems was proud to support the recent successful Australian Landing Helicopter Dock maritime and aviation trials, providing air assets for calibration and testing of the ships surveillance radars and peripheral equipment – solving the client problems that really matter.
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