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  “Such an experience can’t be adequately
shared in writing... ◆◆◆
Sat in the comfort and safety of the Cormorant Hall, it is all too easy to make assumptions about states in conflict. Our visit to Ukraine was a revelation, which fundamentally challenged our preconceptions and gave us a unique insight into the complex character of the nation, and our special thanks go to Col
David Warner and his staff at the British Embassy
for hosting us so meticulously. Such an experience can’t be adequately shared in writing, so instead I will commend Ukraine as a travel destination of choice. Soak up the history and the hospitality, fall in love with the culture and the scenery, and pay respect
to the sacrifice that is made every day by ordinary citizens in pursuit of freedom. Then come home and tell people about it. We did.
  personal level of families and friendships being
torn apart by deepening geopolitical divides. Such circumstances would challenge any society, but the Ukrainian resolve for Euro-Atlantic integration has only been strengthened by Russia’s attempts to deny it the opportunity for change. Nowhere was this more apparent than in Independence Square, where this recent chapter in Ukraine’s history began with the EuroMaidan protests in 2013-14, and where the country remembers with honour and dignity the 10,000 lives which have been lost since then.

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