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The Wylder Valley 55
Today, Cyril had received a second invitation to have tea with his neighbour, Rowley Weasel, who rented Mill Cottage from him. As he walked to the cottage, he imagined the table set with tea and home-made cakes.
'Good morning, Cyril,' the weasel called as he opened the garden gate. 'Ready for a cuppa, no doubt? What's this I hear about the mill re-opening?' he asked.
The rat raised his eyebrows. 'Opening?'
'Yes! Yesterday, I spoke with a pigeon called Yappy. He told me the news. It seems the mill is going to have a new roof and brickwork. He said that it's going to re-open.'
Cyril interrupted: 'How does Yappy know all this?'
'His family live in a barn above the chicken pens. Next to the pens are piles of timber and pallets loaded with bricks

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