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Not sure what catering costs?
We believe that catering finance should be simple.
From an initial budget proposal to monthly phased budgets, our CMC Tracker Finance system ensures that you are always up to date with the financial aspects of your catering service. CMC Tracker Finance is a web-based system that is accessible from your Kitchen and/or office management system. It is designed specifically for school catering and the needs of your Catering Team, allowing you to manage; catering accounts, stock control, orders and incomes.
Our Tracker Finance produces high quality, financial reports that are suitable to present to school governors, quickly and efficiently.
We train your team on the system and provide ongoing support. We help each school set targets in terms of income and gross profits which will not only help you manage budgets, it will also help you deliver targets.
The CMC Financial Tracker has been recommended as a system fit for purpose by auditors working for the council and can run alongside your management performance target and appraisal systems that operate already in your school.

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