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Increased Uptake
  Meeting the customer’s needs pays dividends for Arden Primary
Arden have seen their adult meals income grow rapidly since April 2019. Prior to this the teachers’ meals were set by the school at £3.00 (main meal) and £3.50 (main meal & pudding). After discussions with the new Head teacher, who was really supportive, the prices were revised, taking into account the local competition - Greggs, and the variety of the offer extended, this included a Friday breakfast offer, which is now being taken every Friday. Baguettes were added - ham, tuna, cheese with salad, akin to a high-street offer. Jackets with a choice of fillings, main meal option from the days menu options and curry as a special lunch event.
The school have created a bespoke adult offer then produced a menu and poster to support the offer with the schools IT department . The posters are up in school with menus in each classroom and the office is highlighting that teachers can now pay cash on the day or Parent Pay as before.
All meals are costed & the required GP. Since April 2019 they have averaged £270.00 adult menu income per month, compared to £59.16 average monthly spend last year on teachers’ meals.
Jeanette Devlin, Catering Manager & The Team, supported by CMC Consultant Gary Lines

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