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 Glenthorne Primary increase income through strict kitchen controls
When Glenthorne Primary brought their catering in house they were serving 134 meals per day with a spend per head set at 90p by CMC. Since then the school have increased uptake to an average of 156 daily; this is an increase of 22 meals per day or 16% during the first year of the contract. Due to good controls of purchasing, portion control and wastage the school achieved 74p per head whilst still providing a good quality meal. Catering Supervisor, Pam Tunstall, is very experienced and is driven by food cost, she understands the impact of over portioning and wastage and always looks to purchase at best price.
CMC had estimated a profit of £32 but the Catering Service achieved a profit of over £6k in the first year. This was down to controlling the average spend, increasing the income via student numbers, which included Parent Lunches, and advertising the menu through the school website. The school continues to go from strength to strength currently serving 168 meals per day - up by 34 meals or 20% since the contract started. Due to continual budget controls the profit for year ending 2019 was £12,079, and spend per head came in at 73p against a budget of 85p. This has allowed the school to reinvest the money into much-needed school equipment and supplies. Pam Tunstall, Catering Manager & The Team, supported by CMC Consultant Kirstie Simpson

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