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 What We Do
CMC offer all of the services that Local Authority and Private Contract Caterers do, but for schools who want to gain control of their catering provision.
We don’t just consult, we are an integral part of your catering and school team. We work with your staff to put delicious, healthy meals on the table every day and we help you to manage the running of your catering service.
In-house catering is often seen as the best option, as it allows you to deliver the service that’s best fit for your school, academy or college. You know your pupils’ needs and we have the expertise to help you meet them.
Schools that opt for an in-house catering provision find that there is an increased uptake in lunches, and for the pupils it means an improvement in the whole lunchtime experience. The catering team enjoys working with us because they gain ownership of their catering and see a positive return in terms of empty plates and the effective use of budgets.

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