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 Benefits of In-House Catering
Menu Choice
The menu can be created to meet the needs of your pupils. This ensures that there is greater up take of meals and less food waste.
Better Food Procurement
Your catering manager will have a bigger choice of produce to choose from and an increased plate cost allowing for better quality products.
Catering Team Part of the School Team
By employing the catering team the school will have direct influence over the standards and values that the team work to. Being in house gives catering staff a sense of belonging to the school which is a positive factor in staff loyalty.
Increased Service Standards
With direct influence on the catering service, you set the standards in food, delivery and the overall service.
With our help, your catering team will be responsible for all the budgeting, costs and invoicing. Invoices will be sent directly to the school for payment so you’ll know exactly how much your service costs.

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