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 Our promise to you
We don’t just consult; we go the extra mile, actively helping you to manage and monitor your service.
• Work with you to prepare an annual catering budget and then provide you with monthly phased budget information detailing actual trading performance against budget expectations.
• Monitor the catering on your behalf.
• Meet monthly with you for a progress meeting.
• Provide an online catering Tracker system to assist the Catering Supervisor to manage the day-to-day
catering budget in line with financial audit requirements.
• Provide training in Food Safety in Catering to the standard of Level 2 accredited by Highfield Awarding Body
for compliance for the catering team.
• Provide non-accredited Health & Safety Awareness training, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
(COSHH) training and Allergen Awareness training, for kitchen-based catering staff.
• Provide online, in-house; Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system, Allergen Guidelines, Food
Safety risk assessments, COSHH risk assessments for the use by the catering team.
• Provide advice on all due diligence controls and associated matters to ensure that the you can be compliant
with food safety legislation.
• Carry out a termly (by reference to school terms) audit of all legal systems. This will include food safety
(HACCP), chemical safety (COSHH), health & safety including risk assessments, allergens and the School Food
Plan “Food Standards” - visit documented and presented to the Client.
• Provide a telephone helpline at all times during working hours.
• Assist with all communication and visits from Environmental Health Officers (EHO). CMC will act as the
client’s representative on all EHO matters unless instructed otherwise by the client.
• Provide to the Client menu advice to comply with any legal requirements.
• Advise on the selection of commodity supplies.
• Assist when required with recruitment and appointment of all supervisory level catering staff.

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