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                                                                                                         Recommended Actions
Take steps toward improving your 401(k) Retirement and Savings Plan.
Access Your Fidelity Account
Make managing your 401(k) a part of your financial wellness plan by visiting the Fidelity website to take advantage of the resources which can help you plan for your financial future.
• Log in to Fidelity’s website at If you do not have your login simply click on the “register as a new user” option and follow the steps.
• Update your deferral to make sure you are maximizing the 6% company match. This change may take up to one or two pay cycles to reflect your pay.
• Use the Fidelity tools to help evaluate your investment allocations.
Sign up for Auto Increase
Take the work out of managing your deferrals. Fidelity allows you to set up a process to automatically increase your deferrals annually. You choose the percentage you wish to increase annually. Click here to view our guide for simple instructions to set up your automatic increase.
Building Your Wealth
Educational Resources
Get ahead of planning by checking out the financial wellbeing education
and resources on Fidelity’s Website.
• Budget and debt
• Investment options and current fund performance data
• Growing your savings
         For more assistance, contact Fidelity directly by logging on to or speaking directly with a Fidelity Representative at 1-800-835-5097.
                      To be financially ready to retire by age 67, aim to have 10 times (10x) your final salary saved at retirement.
30   1x 40
                 3 401(k) Live Well Now and in to the Future ABC Company

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