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  The Effortless Difference
         Strategic Pricing
Many hosts use Airbnb’s automated pricing tool to set nightly prices. The main purpose of automated pricing is to give guests a great value, in order to build a large base of loyal users for the platform. (This might be a strategy great for AirBnB, but not for our you. A host who relies on this automatic tool can easily underprice their property and lose out on revenue.
In-Depth Analytics
We partner with AirDNA, the industry’s top Airbnb data analytics provider, to mine the insights needed to increase bookings and maximize revenue. Our tools pull in comprehensive industry data such as occupancy rates, price ranges, travel trends, local events, and ideal booking windows for your specific location to help secure more guests at higher rates.
The Ultimate Guest Experience
We make it our job to find out what your guests want from their vacation rental experience and then provide them just that. We manage all guest communications 24/7, offer activity suggestions and even make house calls when necessary. Our goal is
to create a memorable experience for your guests. In turn, this leads to better ratings, reviews which increases loyalty, referrals, and greater revenue.
The difference is clear...
Hosts that partner with ERG maximize their monthly revenue and nightly occupancy, creating an extraordinary turnaround for their short-term rental properties

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