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A Referral...

                   is the highest honor a
                    business can receive

       Why I work by Referral.                                                   About AAG:

                                                                                 American Advisors Group (AAG) is the
       Many sales professionals today   most current information and             leading reverse mortgage lender in the
       look at customer service as      educational materials regarding          nation. We work with U.S. homeowners
       purely transactional: prospecting   Home Equity Conversion                age 62 and older to obtain reverse
       for clients, closing the sale,   Mortgage loans to help fund their        mortgage loans that convert a portion
       and then moving on to the next   retirement needs. I can answer           of their home equity to help fund their
       ‘prospect’. I do things differently   any questions regarding your        retirement needs—helping them age in
       because I believe that people    client’s unique situation and help       place with stability and confidence. AAG is
       deserve more than just a         them to better prepare for their         committed to helping seniors live a more
       transaction: people deserve a    financial future. I look forward         financially-secure retirement, treating
       positive customer experience     to working with you and earning          borrowers with the dignity and respect
       with a professional they can trust.    your recommendation to other       they deserve.
       I work by referral—from people   great professionals, like you, who
       who I trust and know—so that     could benefit from my experience
       my time is not spent prospecting,   and excellent service.
       but instead dedicated solely to
       my customers. I can provide you
       and your customers with the

                                  5 Reasons to Collaborate with Me!

          1                      2                     3                      4                      5
       No.                    No.                    No.                   No.                    No.

       I am a dedicated       AAG is the             I provide personal    I provide world-       97% of AAG
       and professional       nation’s #1            attention to your     class customer         customers are
       Reverse                reverse mortgage       client and exceed     service.               satisfied with our
       Mortgage Loan          lender!                their - and your -                           service*
       Originator.                                   expectation.                                 *Based on American Advisors Group
                                                                                                  customer surveys between June 2013
                                                                                                  and July 2017.
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