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Help Clients Access Millions                                                           Eligiblity:

       in Home Equity with                                                          Do your clients meet the

       AAG’s Advantage Jumbo Loan                                                       following criteria?

       If your client owns a high-value home, an

       FHA-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage
       loan may limit their ability to maximize the
       use of their equity. Make sure your clients are

       getting the most out of their home with AAG’s                                              1

       Advantage Jumbo loan.                                                              Age 60  or older

                                                                                       Own their home and

                                                                                    occupy their home as their
                                                                                         primary residence

                                                                                        Meet loan-to-value
       Your clients will enjoy these great features:                                        requirements

           Gain access to more equity on high-value properties.

           No capital gains or income tax on loan distributions. 2

           Access all of their loan proceeds in one lump sum.                          Contact me today to

           No mortgage insurance required means lower closing costs.                        learn more!

           No monthly mortgage payments. (Borrowers must continue
           to pay property taxes, homeowners insurance, and home
           maintenance costs.)

       For industry professionals only – not intended for distribution to the general public.
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