Page 34 - WTP Vol. VII #1
P. 34

   Jack Ceglic
archival pigment print 10'' x 13''
“After working almost 50 years, I began reflecting on my journey
in photography – how I started my photographic career and discovering the magic that photog- raphy had to offer. It is a journey that, once I started, I never looked back. It became a part of who I am and remains so. As I was thinking about that young photographer and the photographer I am today, how I have changed, how the medium has changed, these questions became the inspiration for the project. What about other artists who have come to this point in their careers? How do they feel about it? As each of us deals with the complex and gradual process of aging everything changes, most obvious, how we look, and yet much of who we are is irrevocable; our creativity, for one. As I have been primarily a portrait artist all these years, I decided to concentrate on the face of the artist. After all, the face is a revealing marker of a life–I believe our faces tell much of our story. As I set out to encounter and photograph artists of all disciplines, my hope is to tell the story of the artist and celebrate their longevity, as they continue to
create and challenge themselves with courage and independence.”
Ken coLLinS 2018 wtP honoraBLe Mention

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